20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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Architects, whether self employed or employees, are generally controlled by a regulating body in charge of ensuring that laws, decrees, and professional standards are applied and observed by all members of the profession.

The International Union of Architects is the international umbrella organization responsible for spanning the entire architectural profession. The UIA was founded to unite the architects of the world without regard to nationality, race, religion, or architectural doctrine, and to federate their national organizations. From the 27 delegations present at the founding assembly, the UIA has grown to encompass the key professional organizations of architects in 130 countries and territories, and now represents, through these organizations, called Member Sections, more than 1.3 million architects worldwide.

Over time, the International Union of Architects (UIA) has become an accomplished nongovernmental organization, an incomparable professional network of architects that reaches all continents. The UIA is recognized by most United Nations Agencies as the only association in its field.

The UIA is a federation of national professional organizations called Member Sections. There are currently 124 Member Sections worldwide.

Each Section ensures that members adhere to the UIA International Standards, the minimum requirements of the UNESCO-UIA Charter of Architectural Education, and the UIA International Codes of Ethics and Conduct; keep up to date their knowledge and skills; and generally contribute to the development of architectural culture and knowledge as well as the society they serve.

Starting Dot has the official endorsement of the UIA and its Member Sections and is committed to serve the community’s interests as described in question 20 (c) of this application.

Multiple meetings with board members of the UIA in Paris have helped Starting Dot identify the community’s core values as well as its current needs in terms of Internet technology.

Accordingly, the .archi gTLD will:

- Enforce upon registrants national and international legislations and standards governing the architectural profession;
- Deliver a secure and restricted domain name space, dedicated to the world community of architects;
- Protect online consumers and thereby improve consumer trust in architectural services provided through Internet.

These objectives will be achieved through restrictive eligibility policies, developed in collaboration with the UIA and its Member Sections.

A 6 member Policy Advisory Committee, including 3 members of the UIA will serve as a channel for the community to provide Starting Dot input into how policies have been implemented, the experience of registrants with these policies, the effectiveness of procedures (both technical and non technical) and opportunities to improve support and services.

Starting Dot will also donate a fixed and predefined percentage of its profits to the UIA.

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