18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.designSTARTING DOTjwgroupe.comView

The English word “design” comes from the Latin designare, which means mark out, devise. The noun “design” has several meanings and may refer to the art or action of conceiving and producing of a plan or drawing.
“Design” is a well-known word used in 11 other languages (French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Dutch, Finish, Danish and Slovak) and should therefore be understood by an estimate of 825 million Internet users. However, given the wide usage of English within the design industry, Starting Dot is convinced that the .design gTLD will have a universal reach.

The design industry includes a large variety of disciplines, notably:
- Packaging design;
- Furniture design;
- Interior design;
- Fashion and textile design;
- Interaction design;
- Website design;
- Service design;
- Retail design;
- Building design;
- Game design.

Many different parties play a role in the design community, for instance, designers, design educators, design promoters, manufacturers and administrators.
The main mission of the .design gTLD is to serve all design segments and all participants in the design industry.

Into this important and growing industry, the .design gTLD will provide Internet users with a clear and unambiguous identifier that is directly linked to design, increase consumer trust with dedicated spaces, promote free and healthy competition, deliver more consumer choice, and offer businesses the ability to expand their reach.

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