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.kidsDotKids Foundation Limitedtld.asiaView

Clear Delineation of our community: Kids

Establishing ourselves as a kids’ best interest domain, the .kids domain is intended for the kids community. Our primary beneficiary is certainly the kids themselves who are the major end-users of the kids-friendly space and benefiting from our advocacy. Defined by the UNCRC convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier. (http:⁄⁄www2.ohchr.org⁄english⁄law⁄crc.htm) With the above clear definition of Kids, it shows that they are clearly delineated from the Internet community at large.

Structure of the kids community:
On top of kids in the community, consistent with Children Rights approach, the kids community does not exist independently and is supported by those who are no longer kids but are intricately involved with the primary beneficiaries:

1) Kids: Defined by the UNCRC convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier

2) Charities, non-government organizations and government institutions that work on the well-being of children. This also includes the alliances that promotes causes that promote the well-being of children

3) Parents and educators: As a matter of fact, they constitute a large part of and have a huge impact on a child’s growth.

4) Educational institutions, organizations and operations that are primarily serving children

Organized and active kids community
There are many organisations dedicated to the kids community. Major international ones include UNICEF, Save the Children, Free the Children, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club and many more. Among which UNICEF (Hong Kong Committee), Save the Children (Hong Kong), Boys’ and Girls’ Club (The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong) are already signed supporters of the DotKids initiative. They all have presence around their globe, and to address their own causes. Major causes that concerns children include adoption and fostering, education, human rights, disability, social care, child protection, health as well as other welfare. The community is very active and the different organizations hold regular activities around the world.

Pre-existing community since the world started
This community has existed since the beginning of mankind, and the recognition for the importance of it being identified as a delineated community can be traced back throughout history and more importantly in the 20th Century from the drafting the Declaration on the Rights of the Child by the League of Nations in 1923 leading up through the adoption of the UNCRC by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989 and the Convention becoming part of International Law in 1990. The document that best represents the idea of community that is formed around kids, is first witnessed back to 1923 when Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save the Children, summarised the rights of children in five points.

Estimated size of the community
Children and youths represent approximately 25% of the world population, or 2.5billion, as reported by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. (http:⁄⁄esa.un.org⁄unpd⁄wpp⁄Excel-Data⁄population.htm) There is no geographical constraints to the community but members enter and leave with consistency and stability. There is an unlimited longevity as babies are still born and teenagers will grow past 18. Besides individuals (kids under 18), youth organisations, especially child-led initiatives are key members of the community. A mere estimation from online charity databases from Hong Kong, United States and United Kingdom add up to at least 4,300 significant charity organisations that serve the best interest of kids.

Longevity of the community
The kids community is a dynamic one. While there is a clearly defined age of children, the composition of the community and its needs changes with time and may continue be evolving. As such, this is a sizable community with a considerable longevity and most important of all, the need for dynamically evolving advocacy to address changing needs of the community.

In summary, the community is clearly delineated from the Internet users, well organized, pre-existing and extensive. This is demonstrated by the multitude of children’s rights and children’s welfare organizations around the world. Moreover, there is no end to the community as time progress, there will always be new additions to the community.

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