18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.kidsDotKids Foundation Limitedtld.asiaView

.kids with its community-based nature is believed to offer the below distinguished benefits to the registrant, Internet users and the Internet world as a whole:
• An enhanced consumer choice for registrants or other Internet users with a highly identifiable and measurable segment for differentiated or concentrated marketing at a heightened accessibility
• A better-tailored user experience for the targeted end-users through developing Content Guidelines for content providers as reference
• A specialized Internet space of higher trust and confidence level for both the end-users and the various related stakeholders

Area of Specialty
The kids community of children includes the segments as below:

1) Kids: Defined by the UNCRC convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier

2) Charities, non-government organizations and government institutions that work on the well-being of children. This also includes the alliances that promotes causes that promote the well-being of children

3) Parents and educators: As a matter of fact, they constitute a large part of and have a huge impact on a child’s growth.

4) Educational institutions, organizations and operations that are primarily serving children

The resources at DotKids will be channeled towards meeting the demands and needs of these specific groups. We will also devote to create a movement where content providers would create websites for kids from kids’ perspective. DotKids will also devote resources to createrelevant guidelines for registrants and content providers to design kids-friendly content websites.

Service level
DotKids is committed to establish a trusted and extended kids-friendly space for children which enables them to acquire information online at ease. We will come from the perspective of children, each registrant will get access to the Guideline which we developed to facilitate
registrants in maintaining their website. This also helps registrants to effectively communicate to their target group. On top of that, resources generated from the domain registration will contribute back to the kids community so as to further support their development and participation.

To ensure the content is not harmful to children, we have the Protection Scheme in place designed and maintained by children right experts. In adhering to Article 13 where it states children have the freedom to acquire knowledge; we do not intend to censor any information. In view of the special needs of kids, the Protection Mechanism will be in place. We have designed an online portal where it allows children experts from around the globe to vote on whether the content is harmful to kids when any Internet user reports any cases. Moreover, they are handled immediately with serious offences of the content guideline. Any Internet users can report a violation of the Content Guidelines. Details of the Protection Mechanism will be outlined in 20e.

Reputation as Kids’ Best Interest Domain
We aim to be recognized as a domain that is the ultimate destination for kids browsing online, in terms of relevance of content and user-friendliness. DotKids will become the primary choice of gTLD for kids-related businesses or content; and the cornerstone in supporting children-centric initiatives and Internet development.


Improved Competition

As the first TLD specifically serving the children community, the establishment of .kids domain will provide an alternative consumer choice and thereby allowing registrants to choose a name that best fits their need and to best reach their target group online. To be a gTLD available globally, it must promote a constructive competition in the domain industry.

Differentiation and Innovation

DotKids is designated as an online space for kids, whereby it would set apart other domain name spaces regarding the relevance of the content for kids, and how the content are produced with kids’ best interest in mind. Moreover, with the Protection Scheme in place maintained by other children right experts, we can ensure the information within the DotKids domain is not harmful to children. This provides a significant differentiation to other TLDs.

Moreover, DotKids is set up as a not-for-profit organization, and revenue from selling the domain names will channel back to community projects for children, especially those related to Internet governance discussion. DotKids would also be a ground for training children on Internet Governance discussion, by including them into our Advisory Board whereby we include their voices in the operations of our domain. This sets us apart from other profit making community based gTLD, which does not channel resources on the betterment of this underprivileged sector.

Improving User Experience

We have primarily divided our intended users into 2 segments, the primary user being the registrant, and secondary user are the Internet users accessing the domain.

The primary reason of registering a domain name is to establish an online presence, whereby it would help the registrants on various aspects, including enhanced visibility, promotion of their brand and eventually to improve their business operations. In clearly defining our community, it is much easier to reach to the target group (our community) for using DotKids domain, instead of using other TLD. Better search results, together with easier reach to their target group provide registrants clear benefits as to why register a DotKids domain instead of other gTLDs.

Regarding the Internet users who would access the domain, our published Guidelines would help registrants to create more relevant content to our community, whereby our community has the trust in our Protection Scheme that children right experts are looking after their needs in not reaching to harmful content for the community.

These policies and design in place help differentiate our positioning, and also to create a better experience both for the primary and secondary users of the TLD.


Our gTLD will operate as a community TLD, whereby we would put the needs of our community as our priority. Although much of the policies are not operated till after the user registered, including the Board governance structure of including kids in the discussion picture (please refer to 20b), Protection Scheme (please refer to 20e) and development of the Guidelines (please refer to 20e), the registration policy also reflect the design of the best interest domain for kids.

Eligibility for a .kids domain name in the initial stage is limited to children centric organizations, initiatives around the world, i.e., Non-governmental organization (NGO), children’s product manufacturers, suppliers, importers and crafters. It must own a registered trademark and authenticated as a legitimate service in the industry.

The second stage is for trademark protection. Applicants should provide a proof of ownership in a trademark. The third stage is an online auction which offers the general public the opportunity to bid electronically. The details of Sunrise Process please refer to 20e.

Privacy and Confidentiality Protection

As a socially responsible operator, the Registry is dedicated to ensuring that the privacy users and confidentiality of information is protected. The Registry, leveraging the infrastructure supported by its Registry Back-End Services provider, Afilias, maintains a highly secure environment physically and technically to ensure that confidential information are not leaked. The Registry is also committed to developing and implementing policies that complies with privacy laws in the locality it operates out of and can be compatible with privacy laws of registrars and registrants of the registry. The Registry understands that there is no guarantee of compatibility of such laws especially given the global nature of the DNS and of the Internet at large, and is committed to dedicate itself, especially through its partner DotAsia (through Namesphere, as the Registry Front-End Services Provider for the Registry), to participate in the global Internet Governance discourse on the subject.

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