18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.skiSTARTING DOTjwgroupe.comView

.ski is a new gTLD created for the community that is directly or indirectly involved in the sport of skiing in its broadest sense and those who practice this sport on a professional level or as a leisure activity.

The ski community is made up of two types of groups:
- Professionals and companies that are active in the ski industry;
- Individuals who practice or⁄and have a real interest for the sport of skiing in its broadest sense.

Companies in the ski industry range from small businesses to big corporations, active, in particular, in the following business segments:
- Travel industry (including travel agencies, transportation);
- Ski resorts;
- Hotel business;
- Catering;
- Ski equipment industry (including, manufacturing and retail);
- Sporting events (e.g. competitions);
- Ski schools;
- Press⁄Media.

Professionals involved in the ski industry range from ski instructors to Ski Industry PR Professionals (SIPP). There are indeed many different professions that can be practiced in the ski industry.

Furthermore, the ski community is made up of and lives off millions of ski enthusiasts, passionate about the sport of skiing.

Globally recognized as the descriptive term for millions of skiers, hundreds of thousands of businesses, thousands of locations and hundreds of brands and organizations passionate about the sport of skiing, the .ski gTLD will quickly become the de facto identifier for skiers to share their passion online.

The fundamental goal of the .ski gTLD is to provide Internet users with a clear and unambiguous identifier that is directly linked to the sport of skiing, and increase consumer trust with dedicated spaces, promote free and healthy competition across associated businesses and deliver choice to consumers currently involved or intending to promote an Internet presence devoted to this sport.

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