18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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“Bio” comes from the Greek prefix “bio” which means life or living organism and from which a large number of words have derived, including but not limited to “biology”, “biophysics” and “biopsy”.

In at least 8 languages spoken in 52 countries, “bio” is also used as short form of words meaning organic farming:

- “bio” is the short form of “agriculture biologique” in French;
- “bio” is the short form of “Produkte aus biologischer Landwirtschaft” in German;
- “bio” is the short form of “agricoltura biologica” or “prodotto bio” in Italian;
- “bio” is the short form of “Biopotravina” in Czech;
- “bio” is the short form of “bioélelmiszerek” in Hungarian;
- “bio” is the short form of “Agricultura Biológica” in Portuguese;
- “bio” is also used as short form of words meaning organic farming in Norwegian and Dutch.

“Bio” has clearly different meanings and may refer to organic farming and organic products as well as to biotechnology, biomedical technologies and other fields of life sciences.

Organic refers to the way
agricultural products, 
food and fiber, are grown and
processed. Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. The use of genetic engineering, sewage sludge, cloning, and irradiation are prohibited in organic production and processing. Consumer demand for organic products has widened over the last decade, which is reflected by the continued growth of the organic industry. The organic industry, mostly organic farming and organic food production⁄distribution, are governed by national and international standards and legislations.
Life Sciences encompass companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, environmental, biomedical devices, and organizations and institutions that devote the majority of their efforts in the various stages of research, development, technology transfer and commercialization.
The key utility and aim of the .bio gTLD is to provide for a focused name space that will serve all industries and business segments covered by the word “bio” while ensuring that organic legislations are respected.

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