18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.ikanoIkano S.A.ikano.luView

* The Applicant *
The applicant, Ikano S.A., is the holding company of an international, family owned group of companies. Ikano was established on April 16, 1988 and develops, owns and manages companies in the areas of asset management, finance, insurance, real estate and retail. The company operates in 17 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA and employs close to 3,000 people. Ikano S.A.’s financials for 2010 were as follows:
- Asset management: market value of assets under management 4.5 billion EUR
- Finance: business volume 4.2 billion EUR
- Insurance: gross premium written 111 million EUR
- Real estate: market value property 1 billion EUR
- Retail: turnover 245 million EUR.

The Company has its registered office and principal place of business in Luxembourg. The duration of the Company is not restricted to a certain period. The object of the company is to develop and own companies within financial services, insurance, real estate and retail.
Ikano was originally a part of the home furnishing company IKEA. IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden, in 1943. In 1988, Ikano became an independent group of companies, owned by the Kamprad family. While Ikano’s first experience was gained from working with IKEA, and IKEA is still an important business partner for Ikano, Ikano has since then developed their own identity and numerous other businesses.
Ikano S.A. is committed to do business on fair terms: “We constantly review our own way of working and our solutions with our partners, customers and employees. The reason for this is that we are in business for the long run and we are seeking long-lasting relationships, which includes the operation of our own top-level domain.
Being on fair terms is essential for building strong relationships, creating value and for growing a business. We live the promise – on fair terms – because we know that the quality and reputation of a company is determined by the promise made and the promise kept.”

* Mission and purpose *
Ikano is applying for the .IKANO top-level domain with the following mission and purpose:

The .IKANO top-level domain is intended to serve the needs of its community and benefit its community in terms of (a) differentiating, protecting and expanding its brand, (b) promoting its brand to the public and stakeholders, and (c) creating added value for its brand by enhanced consumer trust and reliability in the digital space.

The .IKANO top-level domain will be a private top-level domain that primarily supports the goals of Ikano S.A. and its affiliates: To inspire our people to build profitable companies that dare to be different and are fun to work for. Ikano aims to create value for our partners, customers and ourselves by combining competence and enthusiasm into successful business. The .IKANO top-level domain will also help to communicate Ikano’s strength of working together to create long-term solutions based on fair terms that brings value to our customers, partners and to ourselves.

* Exemption to the Code of Conduct *
Ikano hereby states that according to Specification 9 Para. 6 in the New gTLD Agreement
(i) all domain name registrations in the .IKANO top-level domain will be registered to, and maintained by, Ikano S.A. for its own exclusive use,
(ii) Ikano S.A. will not sell, distribute or transfer control or use of any registrations in the .IKANO top-level domain to any third party that is not an Affiliate of Ikano S.A., and
(iii) the application of the Code of Conduct to the .IKANO top-level domain is not necessary to protect the public interest since the .IKANO top-level domain is operated in the private interest of Ikano S.A. and its community.

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