18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.onlineI-REGISTRY Ltd., Niederlassung Deutschlandi-registry.comView

The TLD .online stands for the global trend of being online, reachable, always on and always connected. Online stands as synonym for the Internet as the predominant technology today, which influences societies, businesses and individuals. With the availability of Internet access in most regions of the world, via fixed lines, leased lines, broadband, wireless or mobile connections, people can be online more easily. Mobile operators support to go online with high speed mobile networks and smart phones, which facilitate to go online even without a computer. Nearly each and everybody is online. The attitude to life has been influenced by this trend immensely, in private life as well as in business life.

The TLD .online has the mission to enable people to participate in this trend, present themselves and their business online, communicate with friends, family and business partners, do business in their town or across borders and in the end make more of their lives. With low barriers, a well-understood global term, adequate marketing activities and a sustainable business model which incorporates a strong responsibility towards society, .online shall enable everybody being online – “One World, one Internet”.

The purpose of the .online namespace is to facilitate communication on the Internet, and to serve the needs of individuals and organizations worldwide by enabling them to create and display new web content. The TLD .online has the purpose to provide a digital identity, which is understood globally. The registration of .online domains is open to all registrants worldwide, supports registrations in many languages around the world and thus enabling Internet users worldwide to become a part of the DNS with an own domain name. The TLD .online has the purpose to support the goals of the I-REGISTRY in establishing a worldwide namespace which has easy recognizable domain names. “Online” is the word which is contained in domain names the most.

Donating to the needy is nowadays integral part in many cultures around the world. The purpose of .online is to incorporate this spirit and extend it to the Internet. With each domain registration the registrant supports the concept of I-REGISTRY, the Registry operator of the TLD .online, to donate parts of the proceeds to charitable causes. Registrants of .online have the opportunity and are expected to participate in the allocation of proceeds. In doing so, .online will support bringing more attention to the Needy and activating further donations.

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