18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.vipI-REGISTRY Ltd., Niederlassung Deutschlandi-registry.comView


For the Sunrise Phase we will incorporate the respective rules set forth by ICANN for use of the Trademark Clearinghouse. Trademark claims service according to ICANN specifications will be implemented for Landrush to minimize costs and resources for trademark owners.

During Landrush domain names will be generally allocated on a first-come first-served basis to minimize social costs and time resources of registrants. This may include the Premium Landrush as well (alternatively Premium Names may be auctioned). Further allocation phases might include the allocation of domain names via auction or tender processes. In addition a fixed-price allocation for premium names might be deployed to avoid speculation and enable a fair and transparent allocation of domain names.


Registrants of .VIP domain names are VIPs, their representatives or service providers of VIPs. We are currently not planning any cost benefit programs.


I-REGISTRY does not plan to make contractual commitments to registrars. As of today estimates about future market and price developments will be purely speculative and therefore not reasonable. However I-REGISTRY will comply with the rules for price increases set forth in the new gTLD Registry Agreement. .VIP domains will be available through accredited registrars who will be provided equal (non-discriminatory) access to registry services. The sunrise registration term is aimed at 2 years and landrush for one to ten years.

According to the details as specified in the New gTLD Registry Agreement I-REGISTRY will have the right to reduce pricing for promotional purposes in a manner available to all accredited registrars. In case of price increases I-REGISTRY will comply with the rules ICANN established to initiate an increase in the wholesale price of domains. In case of price increases I-REGISTRY will notify their accredited registrars well in advance.

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