18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.averyAVERY DENNISON CORPORATIONthomsentrampedach.comView

Avery Dennison Corporation is a global materials science and specialized technology company, which has for over 70 years brought cutting-edge pressure-sensitive solutions, self-adhesive and reflective base materials, and innovative consumer and office products to its wide range of customers. Structured around four major brands, the company’s products span a wide range of functionality and industrial distributions.

The Avery concept was born in 1935 when its founder, R. Stanton Avery, invented the first self-adhesive label. Within ten years the Fasson division was founded, providing market-leading commercial packaging and labelling solutions to companies across the globe. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol AVY, in 1967. Today, Avery has over 200 manufacturing and distribution facilities in more than 60 countries around the world.

A. The Avery Divisions and Brands

Avery promotes its wide range of products, technological solutions and customer services under four major divisions: Office and Consumer Products, Label and Packaging Materials, Retail Branding and Information Solutions, and Specialty Materials and NGP Specialty Materials Converting. Some additional information regarding each of these divisions and the brands used by each, by way of background information, follows in this section.

A.1 Office and Consumer Products

The Avery brand is associated with home and office solutions, including inter alia printable self-adhesive labels and associated software, storage materials, binders, indexing mechanisms and school supplies.

A.2 Label and Packaging Materials

Under the Fasson, Avery Graphics and Avery Dennison brand names, this division’s products are targeted to the retail, health and commercial markets, providing unparalleled self-adhesive labelling solutions. Such products include packaging and branding materials, scan-ready labels, pressure-sensitive papers, film and foil roll.

A.3 Retail Branding and Information Solutions

The Avery Dennison and Monarch marks are used in connection with labelling and tracking solutions including RFID technology, retail and industrial ticketing and tracing mechanisms, reflective materials for the creation of traffic and road signs, reflective adhesives and fabrics, adhesive and printing solutions.

A.4 Specialty Materials and NGP Specialty Materials Converting

The Avery Graphics brand encompasses large-scale adhesives, including signage for airlines or trucking concerns, pressure-sensitive vinyl materials for screen printing and digital imaging, building wraps and commercial signs.

Avery maintains trademark registrations for these brands in 120 countries, and sells its products in more than 89 countries.

B. The Mission and Purpose of the “.AVERY” space

Avery anticipates its new TLD will be the medium of choice for all of its existing customers when they interact with the company, as well as the face of the organization and a source of information for clients new to its products and services, and a location of trust for Internet users curious about the brand and its products.

Accordingly, Avery believes that use of the new TLD will benefit the company, its customers, and general Internet users alike. The company expects to see an increase in sales transacted over the Internet, as well as an increase in traffic to its websites as consumers become more accustomed to interacting online. It further expects to see an increase in the rate of first-time visitors, as retail customers are drawn to the new space seeking downloads and software compatible with their home or office materials.

Avery customers will benefit greatly from the new TLD, where they can be assured of the company’s diligent monitoring efforts and privacy protections. As the space will operate under a single-registrant model, Avery will be able to exercise full control over the content displayed on “.AVERY” sites, and consumers will accordingly experience much safer, more trustworthy interactions. Given Avery’s unique anticipated layout of its domain name registrations, customers will be able to locate the products and services they are seeking quickly and easily, making for a vastly superior experience as compared with the options available under the current DNS.

General Internet users will also benefit from the increased privacy, security and intuitive navigation present in “.AVERY.” Additionally, general users will know that the first time they navigate to a domain name in the TLD, the information will be authentic and accurate. Unlike a search engine hit, which may or may not lead to authentic content, users will know when visiting a “.AVERY” site that the information they will be authorized and correct.

Operationally, the “.AVERY” Registry Service Provider will manage the Internet space under the direct control of Avery. This will allow the distribution and exchange of information between Avery, its constituent divisions, its business affiliates and associates, relevant stakeholders, consumers, customers and clients by means of, but not limited to, websites, social networks and forums, email and other technologies that will reside within the “.AVERY” domain name space.

Avery envisages that the TLD will follow a single-registrant model, wherein all registrations within the space are held by the Avery company itself. Authorized corporate divisions, employees or other affiliated entities may apply to the trademark department of Avery to request authorization to license such registrations for their own use. Avery shall review such requests and, in its sole discretion, may grant such licenses on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, Avery shall monitor the use of all “.AVERY” domain names to ensure that the content of the associated websites remains current and appropriate to the TLD space.

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