20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.русRusnames Limitedgmail.comView

As mentioned above, the primary goal of the .РУС gTLD is the protection and promulgation of Rus culture, language and heritage. To this end, In order to register a .РУС Domain Name, you declare that you are part of the Rus Linguistic, Historical and Cultural Community.
Our policies may permit registrations in .РУС gTLD to the following:
1. Universities, schools, research institutions and other academic entities that use Cyrillic in their academic activities or teach⁄promote aspects of Rus culture.
2. Public or private entities whose aim is promoting the Rus culture.
3. Writers, translators, correctors and journalists publishing (or contributing to) works in Cyrillic script
4. Publishing companies that publish works in the Cyrillic script or relating to the Rus culture
5. Media using Cyrillic script for their communications
6. Individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, entities or initiatives, however constituted, carrying online communications in Cyrillic script
7. Individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, entities or initiatives affirming their belonging to the Community
The .РУС gTLD is intended for people who wish to promote, participate or learn about the Rus heritage, Rus language and Rus culture and who use it in any way within their daily lives.
The .РУС gTLD will be open to anyone complying with RusNames’ Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), .РУС registration policies and with ICANN guidelines. In that sense it will be treated as a gTLD such as .COM, while clearly intended for and focused on the community described above.

What types of second-level names may be registered in the gTLD.

RusNames will follow ICANN guidelines regarding potential restrictions of second-level domains. Such second-level domains will be in the Cyrillic alphabet which already includes the unicode points for the Roman numbers 0-9. The names selected to be registered under .РУС gTLD must not have any conflict with the cultural, traditional and historical values of the Rus community. This restriction can be controlled by creating the list of prohibited names managed by the .РУС Policy Advisory Board described above.

What restrictions, if any, the registry operator will impose on how a registrant may use its registered name.
RUSNAMES will have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and registration policies that will govern how a registrant may use its registered name. We will ask all members to honor the Rus Culture, Heritage and language. We will also require registrants to ensure that websites hosted at these domain names contain Cyrillic scripts to promote the Russian Cyrillic language as a valuable resource of the Rus Community.
These requirements will be enforced through the AUP and contracts registrants must sign with their registrars prior to the registration of a domain name.
What investigation practices and mechanisms exist to enforce the policies above, what resources are allocated for enforcement, and what appeal mechanisms are available to registrants:
As part of the AUP and registration polices, RusNames will have complete enforcement rights over registrants’ use of .РУС domain names. RusNames will randomly audit domain names registered in the .РУС gTLD to ensure compliance with all eligibility and use criteria. If a violation is discovered, an investigation will begin immediately to rectify said violation.

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