15(b) Describe the process used for development of the IDN tables submitted, including consultations and sources used

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The RusNames Limited team has pioneered the introduction of Cyrillic text on the Internet. The team members have been attending ICANN meetings since 2003, and are a Registrar Constituency active Members. They bring to the .РУС gTLD experience in launching Cyrillic text with existing ASCII gTLDs, through partners such as Afilias, VeriSign, and Neustar. The team has been engaged in an advisory capacity with Russia for a number of years.
Two RusNames leaders worked for years in anticipation of ICANNʹs eventual introduction of Cyrillic TLDs. Alexei Sozonov and Sergey Sharikov bring to .РУС extensive experience in Russian Cyrillic linguistics. Over the last few years they have coordinated a Cyrillic language working group with countries using the Cyrillic alphabet, namely Russia and Ukraine. Sozonov and Sharikov have also given presentations on their work in linguistics and the promotion of the cultural significance of the Cyrillic alphabet across the .РУС community before international organizations, including ICANN and the ITU. Sharikov contributed to RusNamesʹ development of Cyrillic script language tables (RFC-5992).
We highlight some of the ways RusNames used for development of the IDN tables submitted below:
- GNSO Internationalized Domain Names Working Group or IDN Expert Group
Over a four-month period ending in 2007, Sharikov and Sozonov participated in policy discussions regarding new TLDs as the only representatives of Russian Cyrillic concerns. The Working Group Chair was Ram Mohan, assisted by ICANNʹs Olof Nordling and Maria Farrell, currently a Committee member of the 2011 & 2012 Nominating Committee.
The Outcomes Report is here: http:⁄⁄gnso.icann.org⁄drafts⁄idn-wg-fr-22mar07.htm
Cyrillic Case Study Team
ICANN staff have assisted study teams expected to play a crucial role in the identification of solutions regarding the delegation of IDN variant TLDs. Two RusNames representatives have worked with the Cyrillic Case Study Team since ICANN announced it on April 20, 2011, namely Sozonov (as coordinator and chairman) and Sharikov (as expert). Among six case study teams, consisting of 66 experts from 29 countries and territories, Sozonov and Sharikov guided the Cyrillic Case Study Team with assistance from Patrick Jones, ICANN Senior Manager of Continuity & Risk Management. A report was produced by RusNameʹs Sozonov.
IDN Variant TLDs Issues Project
In an ongoing capacity, Sozonov is a participant in the IDN Variant TLDs Issues Project, which seeks to determine how variants may be properly delegated in the DNS Root Zone. Cyrillic is one of the six common scripts being examined in the project. Sozonov is working with ICANN staff members Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President for Stakeholder Relations; Francisco Arias, Registry Technical Liaison; and Kim Davies, Manager, Root Zone services.
The work of people in RusNames during the years led to the introduction of IDN tables as such.

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