18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.OlayanOlayan Investments Company Establishmentrodenbaugh.comView

The TLD ultimately is intended to function as The Company’s online branding and services platform. It is intended to function with leading-edge technologies and business practices, ensuring a trustworthy and positive user experience. The goal is to use The Company’s online infrastructure, services and marketing to encourage Internet users to interact online with The Company and its affiliates. It is imperative, therefore, that The Company implement thorough and vigorous policies designed to eliminate abuse of any .Brand domain name. Precise details regarding these intended operating rules are set forth in answers to Questions 26, 28 and 29.

In general, The Company intends for users to perceive the TLD as a trustworthy and intuitive indicator of the source of The Company’s online information and services. As further set forth in Response to Questions 26, 28 and 29, The Company intends to use advanced technical and policy measures to ensure the security and reliability of online transactions and communications taking place on domains within the TLD, and to ensure that domain names in the TLD are only used for purposes authorized by The Company. The Company intends to provide a safe and trustworthy Internet space, enhancing user experience by mitigating security-associated risks.

The TLD will reinforce the ideals of The Company. Therefore, domains within the TLD will only be used for purposes authorized by The Company. Domain usage guidelines will be established and enforced, to constantly ensure the integrity of users’ Olayan experience and the reputation of the TLD. These usage guidelines are intended to include, without limitation, the aforementioned prohibitions of specific abusive behavior, as well as a clear decision-making process to ensure that appropriate corporate authority is demonstrated for each proposed use and delegation of any Olayan domain name. Once delegated, domain usage activity within the TLD will be monitored in effort to quickly mitigate any abusive behavior.

In addition, the TLD will provide an easily navigable and predictable domain name space. For example, geographicnames.Olayan for locations of The Company’s localized websites, function.Olayan for websites related to that company function, product.Olayan for websites related to that product. All of this will lessen users’ confusion when interacting online with The Company.

How will multiple applications for a particular domain name be resolved, for example, by auction or on a first-come⁄first-serve basis?

The Company does not expect there to be multiple applications for a particular domain name. The Company will be the sole registrant of all domains in the TLD, and will decide the most appropriate use for each domain, in the interests of internet users who wish to interact or communicate with The Company. The Company will maintain control over the registration and use of all domains in the TLD, such that use of all domains in the TLD will inure to the benefit of Internet users who wish to interact or communicate with The Company.

Explain any cost benefits for registrants you intend to implement (e.g., advantageous pricing, introductory discounts, bulk registration discounts).
Do you intend to make contractual commitments to registrants regarding the magnitude of price escalation?

The Company will be the sole registrant of all domains in the TLD, in the interests of Internet users who wish to interact or communicate with The Company. There will be cost benefits to those users, via easier navigation and more trustworthy interaction with The Company.

To the extent The Company licenses use of the domain names to affiliates, it is likely that the domain name license will be a small part of a larger relationship, and thus ‘price’ of the domain registration would be insignificant. Price is further insignificant since the domains could have no value if registered or used in any manner unauthorized by The Company.

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