18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.bostonThe Boston Globe Newspaper Company Inc.boston.comView

What other steps will you take to minimize negative consequences⁄costs imposed upon consumers?

First of all: given the specific character, appeal and positioning of the .BOSTON gTLD as a city-TLD, TBG and the City of Boston are convinced that only those who are genuinely interested in or have an affinity with the City of Boston or the Greater Boston Area will register one or more domain names in .BOSTON.

Second, as regards potential risks for brand owners, TBG considers these to be limited considering:

(a) TBG will put in place an extensive Sunrise process, catering to the needs of brand owners. This process will be extensively marketed by TBGʹs marketing department, in particular in on line and print press;

(b) TBG?s Abuse Point of Contact will also have the role and responsibility to review complaints regarding potential trademark infringement, and will be entitled to intervene and take action, as stated in our response to Question 29.

Third, TBG intends to establish domain name registration policies and acceptable use policies that will allow TBG to put domain names on hold or even revoke any such names if and to the extent they are:

- defamatory or are being used for defamatory purposes;

- they are or are being used

- harming the reputation and good name of the City of Boston or TBG, or are used for these purposes;

- are infringing trademark or other intellectual property rights of third parties;

- etc.

Finally, in addition to the above, TBG and the City of Boston will, following delegation of the .BOSTON gTLD to TBG, determine the role of the City of Boston in this project, in particular on how it can assist and advise TBG in relation to:

- providing oversight: i.e., guarantee that the TLD is managed in the interest of the community on which it targets ⁄ focuses; and

- providing credibility: i.e., ensuring that domain name registrants and registrars trust the vision and strategy adopted by the registry operator, which should mainly focus on providing a safe and secure environment, rather than commercial gain.

On the basis of the recommendations formulated by the City of Boston, TBG will develop new or revise existing policies, in order to ensure that the .BOSTON gTLD will be managed and operated in a sustainable and credible manner.

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