18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.bostonThe Boston Globe Newspaper Company Inc.boston.comView

TBGʹs experience with its boston.com Web site shows that a lot of people, organizations and companies -- even outside the Greater Boston area -- are interested in news and activities organized by or within the City of Boston. The truly international subscriptions to the premium news services offered by TBG clearly show that the radiance of the city of Boston goes far beyond the state of Massachusetts or even the United States.

Considering the fact that TBG has always been on the forefront of promoting the City of Boston, and that there is a clear interest and demand in showing a nexus with the city of Boston and the Boston community, a .BOSTON top-level domain makes sense for:

1) individuals residing in Boston;

2) organizations and companies established in Boston, which is an internationally recognized academic and business hub; and

3) in general: all those who would like to express and underline their connection with the city of Boston.

Therefore, the benefits of the .BOSTON gTLD are manifold, in particular because it shows a nexus with the city of Boston, which has numerous benefits for:

a. the city of Boston: considering the fact that TBG wants to attribute domain name registrations to the City of Boston and the organizations supporting the city, specific ʺutility domain namesʺ that are easy to remember will be reserved for the City of Boston. Examples include: police.boston, mayor.boston, city.boston, visit.boston, etc.

These domain names are intended to provide those who reside in, are established in or are visiting Boston to benefit from a predictable naming scheme, providing access to the products, services and facilities offered by the City of Boston, with the guarantee that such information, products and services are undisputedly offered by the competent authorities of the City of Boston;

b. individuals residing in Boston: many Bostonians show great pride in being born in or living in the City of Boston or the Greater Boston Area. The .BOSTON gTLD will give them the opportunity to underline or even express their ties to Boston on the Internet. Also, a .BOSTON domain name registration will provide for the opportunity to registrants to really focus Internet users to the owner of the domain name, rather than another person -- likely with the same name -- living in an entirely different city or country;

c. companies and organizations established in Boston: considering the fact that Boston is one of the country?s key economic hubs and a global leading academic region, the .BOSTON TLD will provide additional guidance to Internet users who would like to contact or obtain information from the outlets, offices, services and products offered in the Greater Boston area; and

d. Community organizations in Boston and those interested in creating organized usage of the .boston domains. As part of its program, TBG will allow community groups to register domains at a reduced rate and will contribute a portion of revenue to a fund managed by an advisory committee that awards grants to organizations and individuals who apply to build innovative destinations and features on .boston domain names.

e. anyone having a nexus with Boston: given the fact that TBG will not impose any eligibility restrictions in the policies that will govern the .BOSTON gTLD -- which decision has the support from the City of Boston -- anyone who would like to register domain names in the .BOSTON extension will be entitled to do so.

Furthermore, the decision to also allow individuals, organizations and companies that are not residing in or are established in Boston to register domain names in .BOSTON furthermore radiates the accessible and welcoming attitude of the City of Boston and Bostonians. TBG and the City of Boston are convinced that ? given the specific character of the .BOSTON TLD and its unique link to the City of Boston and the Greater Boston Area ? this extension will mainly attract people who have a certain affinity with this city and region.

These may include people who will soon be moving to Boston, open a business in the City, etc. Giving the fact that innovation undisputedly forms part of the DNA of Boston, TBG and the City of Boston opted not to have any restrictions as regards the eligibility for a domain name registration, hence potentially stifling future uses of the .BOSTON TLD.

It is, however, likely that during the first weeks or months of operation, TBG will establish a process whereby individuals, companies and organizations that are residing or have been established in the Greater Boston Area would be entitled to apply for and register domain names in the .BOSTON gTLD before registration is opened up to anyone.

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