18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.infinitiNISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.thomsonbrandy.jpView

Established in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1933, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (ʺNISSANʺ) currently manufactures vehicles in 20 countries and areas around the world, including Japan. And Nissan offers products and services in more than 160 countries and areas worldwide.

ʺINFINITIʺ is a brand for luxury automobile that NISSAN has developed for the international market. It is born in 1985 with the objective of providing a whole new customer experience encompassing not only product, but the entire purchase and ownership process. Since the sales officially started in the United States in 1989, it has been expanded to countries and areas including Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, , Middle East, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and is well known as a global brand. The name ʺINFINITIʺ derives from ʺInfinityʺ, which stand for infinite, meaning that our customers experience infinitely more with INFINITI; more performance, more design and more service. This is also reflected in our logo, which symbolizes a road that continue to infinity.

Infiniti provides great customer experience and customer care based on the unique Infiniti sales and service philosophy known as ʺTotal Ownership Experienceʺ. Launched with the start of sales in the United States, the Infiniti Total Ownership Experience soon gained recognition as an industry leader in customer satisfaction, winning numerous awards.

Please visit http:⁄⁄www.infiniti.com⁄global⁄en⁄home#⁄about⁄introduction for more information. In the event the URL is renewed, a 301 redirect will be set up for your convenience. For the time being however, URI structures have yet to be formed.

.infiniti is a domain for NISSAN and its stakeholders. The primary purpose of .infiniti is to consolidate BrandName-related domain names registered under various TLDs into an official INFINITI extension. In addition, NISSAN aims to achieve the following goals with .infiniti:

1. Relieving user confusion and enhancing convenience for Internet users
NISSAN is a global company producing and selling unique and innovative automobiles. The company has registered many domain names under various gTLDs and ccTLDs not only for practical purposes but also as a trademark protection measure. Despite these efforts, there exist many domain name registrations and websites that infringe INFINITI’s trademarks. As a result, Internet users often have difficulty separating bona fide websites from fraudulent ones. By making .infiniti the INFINITI’s official domain and consolidating the currently registered domain names under various TLDs into .infiniti, NISSAN believes that it will help reduce user confusion and improve convenience for Internet users since .infiniti provides simple and easy access to interact with the company.

2. Marketing ⁄ Branding
Since .infiniti is a brand new TLD that directly represents the company⁄brand name, NISSAN expects greater marketing and branding effects than ever. The company believes that .infiniti will not only reinforce INFINITI’s brand on the Internet, but also attract people to visit the website because .infiniti domain names make it easier for Internet users to access to the information related to the brand.

3. Simplifying domain name management
The third purpose for applying for .infiniti is to simplify the management of domain names the company has registered. As stated earlier, NISSAN has many INFINITI related domain names under the various TLDs, posing a challenge in dealing with different registration and operation rules, log-in systems, etc. It will be possible to manage domain names under the .infiniti rules and systems umbrella when .infiniti domain names becomes available and various INFINITI related domain names replaced by .infiniti domain names. As a consequence, it will be safer and easier for the .infiniti stakeholders to manage their domain names.

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