18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.ALCONAlcon Laboratories, Inc.markmonitor.comView

The purpose of the TLD is manifold, as will be further explained below:

i. Provide a singular, unambiguous, verifiable and worldwide access point on the Internet for Applicant’s key and most distinctive brand (“ALCON”) at the top level of the DNS’ hierarchy under the control of Applicant directly;

ii. Applicant is the global leader in eye care, offering the widest spectrum of eye care products in Surgical, Pharmaceutical, and Vision Care across 180 markets and in 75 countries. ALCON is Alcon’s most recognized brand with worldwide recognition and the establishment of the .alcon gTLD will enhance that reputation and provide a singular platform for the brand;

iii. From Alcon’s perspective, .alcon will bring a high degree of recognition and specialization to the currently existing name space. Where in most cases the specific connotation that has been initially given to the gTLDs (or even ccTLDs) has disappeared, the .alcon top-level domain will unambiguously identify the Registry Operator, the source of the content and services offered under the .alcon and⁄or the affiliation between the Registry Operator and the TLD;

iv. Supplement Applicant’s use of ALCON as domain names in its existing websites in the various different countries

v. Provide parties interested in Applicant, including subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and possibly their respective suppliers, customers, and other interested parties and respective directors, officers, employees and others, (“Stakeholders”) with a recognizable and trusted identifier on the Internet;

vi. Provide selected Stakeholders with the opportunity to create a secure and safe Internet environment that is under control of the Applicant and⁄or such stakeholders;

vii. Prevent third parties from securing that TLD for their own use in a manner that might possibly lead to consumer confusion or mistake regarding the source of services and goods offered under the TLD; and

viii. Address counterfeiting and piracy by providing a single authoritative platform for information about Stakeholder’s products and services under the total control of Alcon.

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