18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.BIBLEAmerican Bible Societygmail.comView

The purpose of the .BIBLE gTLD is to:
• Provide an additional choice of available domain names at competitive prices.
• Provide world-wide access to all qualified parties interested in disseminating or seeking information (whether non-commercially or commercially) about Bible issues, news, culture, lifestyle, entertainment or any other topic with a convenient and recognizable domain name that affirmatively associates them and⁄or their information with the Bible.
• Provide world-wide access to all those interested and qualified in selling or purchasing goods or services of any kind, or providing information, with a convenient and recognizable domain name that positively associates them and⁄or their goods or services with the Bible.
• Provide a top-level domain name that enables an identifiable means of communicating with people, organizations, and businesses that associate or identify with the Bible.
• Create new digital real estate and innovative partnerships that will empower global Bible engagement and protect the gTLD from inappropriate use.

The mission of .BIBLE is:
• The promotion of the Bible community, its issues, causes, interests, perspectives, positions, supporters, and admirers by making domain names ending in .BIBLE available to those who may want to use such .BIBLE domain names for their business, personal or other legal purposes in the United States and world-wide.
• The positive promotion of the Bible community by having information available and disseminated from websites and email addresses ending in .BIBLE for the registrants.
• The positive promotion of the Bible by allowing business, not-for-profits and individuals to positively associate their products, services, information and selves with the Bible..
• To provide an identifiable means for people, organizations and business to communicate with those who associate or positively identify with the Bible.
• To increase the number of people and organizations world-wide that publicly identify themselves via the Internet and new media with the Bible through their use of .BIBLE domain names and email accounts by making such .BIBLE domain names affordable and readily available (subject to compliance with the rules governing .BIBLE discussed elsewhere in this Application).
At present, no specific .BIBLE domain name, or useful top-level alternative domain name, exists for the people, organizations and businesses that associate themselves with the Bible, or people, organizations and business that want to communicate with them. Those wanting a domain name that indicates some level of association with or recognition of the Bible could seek a second level domain name such as “Bible.com,” Bible.us” or “Bible.info,” but such domain (or similar names) are not readily available under the limited number of existing gTLDs, and more importantly only provide a secondary (at best) or weak (at worst) relationship between the domain name and the Bible, which we believe is the primary goal of the registrant of such Bible-related names. From a competitive perspective, registrants that want a domain name that effectively and efficiently shows an association with the Bible, or registrants that want a domain name that allows them to identifiably communicate with people who associate or identify with the Bible face a domain name marketplace that provides them with few if any options for their purposes. The .BIBLE top-level domain will resolve this problem by providing registrants with an efficient, effective, prominent, instantly understood way of showing their association with the Bible, and provide those registrants who desire it a domain that that can effectively communicate information to such Internet users in an identifiable way, while at the same time providing competition with the existing TLDs and new gTLDs that will be approved by ICANN, thereby increasing consumer choice.

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