20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.wienpunkt.wien GmbHpunktwien.atView

* Relations to community organizations *
Representatives of Compass-Gruppe’s family management and of punkt.wien GmbH’s management play active roles in numerous community organisations such as ISPA – Internet Service Providers Austria. Hermann Futter, CEO, has been the first authorised internet expert in Austria and a member of dispute resolution team of nic.at. He is a member of the board of Parents’ Association of the Theresian Academy Vienna and a member of the Investors Advisory Board of the startup financing fund “speedinvest”. Nikolaus Futter, CEO, is, among others, a member of the ALUMNI-Club, Vienna University of Commerce and a member of the Association of Former Theresianists, Theresian Academy Vienna. Ronald Schwaerzler, CEO, is a Member of the Domain Name Council of Internet Privatstiftung Austria (IPA) and a founding member and member of the board of ISPA - Internet Service Providers Austria (http:⁄⁄www.ispa.at⁄).

The introduction of .WIEN is being supported by relevant organisations and local authorities in the city. The City of Wien fully supports our application for .WIEN as is evidenced by the attached Letter of Support. .WIEN will be used according to policies developed by the City of Wien and the applicant. The City of Wien has worked closely with applicant in the development of this application.

* Relations to the community and its constituent parts⁄groups *
The applicant punkt.wien GmbH is a subsidiary of Compass-Gruppe. The core of Compass-Gruppe is the Compass-Verlag GmbH which was founded in 1867 by Gustav Leonhardt. The Compass-Verlag GmbH has been the leading provider of economic information in Austria for almost 145 years and is one of Wien’s most traditional companies. Punkt.wien GmbH files this application with the explicit support and on behalf of the City of Wien (on the basis of a license agreement).

* Accountability mechanisms *
The applicant punkt.wien GmbH has entered into an agreement with the city of Wien to operate .WIEN under license by the city. The agreement clearly defines the conditions under which punkt.wien GmbH is allowed to operate the .WIEN top-level domain. The .WIEN top-level domain will be used according to policies developed by the City of Wien and the applicant which have cooperated closely on the development of this proposal.

After the successful application by punkt.wien GmbH, the City of Wien will enter into a separate agreement with the company which will outline the conditions under which the City of Wien supports the company in the operation of .WIEN, and circumstances under which the City of Wien would withdraw its support. Thus, punkt.wien is fully accountable to enforce the policies and eligibility restrictions it has agreed upon with the City of Wien in lieu of the Wien Community.
The applicant will install a council similar to the well-proven Domain Council of nic.at. The council will determine the basic principles for the assignment policy of domain names. Members of the council will be national experts, representatives of Internet users and service providers as well as representatives of the City of Wien.

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