18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.wienpunkt.wien GmbHpunktwien.atView

* COMPETITION - Local strength and enhanced options for the Wien Community *
With .WIEN, community members will be enabled to choose from a wide pool of contextually relevant domain names and register those which best suit their communication needs. The .WIEN top-level domain will be welcome, since the national ccTLD .AT is well populated with more than 1 million registered domain names; the city of Wien having by far the highest domain penetration in Austria. As an addition to gTLDs, ccTLDs and future gTLDs, .WIEN will be an ideal supplement.

With a bigger choice Community members will experience a more competitive pricing for suitable domain names. Community members will have numerous options when registering a domain because .WIEN opens up a completely new namespace where all domain names are still available at launch. .WIEN also helps websites to achieve higher search engine relevance. The strong and unique local character of the .WIEN domain names brings about a natural competition in the global domain name business by introducing a dedicated namespace for a clear-cut community.

* Prosperous and promising namespace *
This environment creates new business opportunities and fosters the development of innovative services for the benefit of the Wien Community and its members. With .WIEN domains, the Wien Community can improve their search engine rankings by delivering more relevant search results. This will benefit in more traffic on their respective .WIEN websites and increase their position in the local market. From a user perspective, citizens and visitors of Wien will have a quicker and easier way to find businesses under names such as taxi.wien, public information under names such as finanzamt.wien or accommodations under a name such as hotel.wien.

* DIFFERENTIATION - A meaningful TLD *
The .WIEN TLD and its .WIEN domain names are clearly differentiated to existing TLDs, not only due to their descriptive and self-explanatory nature which has a clear meaning and value to the targeted registrants and Internet users but also due to its dedicated owners.

* INNOVATION – Connected services and a local Sunrise *
We are planning to support the Wien Community with innovative domain name connected services such as offering directory services and search engine optimization. Communication of these features, best practices, benchmarks, etc. will take an important part of the communication efforts and this is planned to be done in close cooperation with local media partners.

Another innovation in .WIEN will be the introduction of a local sunrise phase with a special focus on the trademark rights of local businesses.

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