16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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.ADACAllgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. (ADAC)zentrale.adac.deView

As is the case with any new TLD that is added to the DNS root zone, some general technical acceptance issues with the delegation of this TLD are expected. The Registry Service Provider selected by the Applicant has a significant experience in introducing new TLDs to the DNS root, including .EU in 2005 and .SX in 2010.
The applied-for gTLD string consists only of ASCII characters (no IDN), which significantly reduces the risk of introducing confusion for the general public of character similarity
With the Registry Service Provider, the Applicant has carried out a series of tests in order to review whether the applied-for gTLD presented any operational or rendering issues. This included the deployment of a testing infrastructure for the applied-for Registry that operated:
1) a SRS (Shared Registration System) of which the features have been limited to what was strictly necessary to carry out the tests described below
2) a WHOIS system, displaying domain names registered in the test environment
3) an EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) and web interface for Registrars
4) a DNS system, serving authoritative responses for the gTLD
5) a web server on which different basic websites were deployed;
6) an email server with mailboxes linked to various test domain names in the TLD and entered into a limited zone file which was made available through the DNS system referred to above.
The following tests have been carried out, by connecting various clients to the infrastructure described above:
1) logging into the Registry SRS with a Registrar account using both EPP and Web interfaces
2) performing basic transactions (create, update, delete, transfer, allocate name servers, etc.) with this Registrar test account
3) generating of a test-zone file for this TLD
4) navigating to and within websites using both direct navigation to the respective domain names and navigation through hyperlinks displayed on the web sites that were hosted in the testing environment
5) sending FTP requests to and receiving correct responses from FTP environments matched to domain names registered in the gTLD testing environment
6) sending email messages to and receiving email messages from domain names registered in the TLD’s testing environment.
Within each of the above steps, the Applicant and its selected back-end registry operator reviewed:
1) whether Registrar transactions with respect to these domain names were performed successfully
2) whether the zone file was correctly generated and deployed in the DNS of the test environment
3) whether domain names registered in the TLD displayed correctly in browser address bars and email clients
4) whether email filters, spam detectors, etc. were correctly functioning.
Using web browsers, email and FTP clients, these tests have been carried out successfully. Therefore, to the Applicant’s best knowledge and belief, no specific issues are to be expected as regards the operation and rendering of the applied-for gTLD.

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