18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.hotelHOTEL Top-Level-Domain S.a.r.ldothotel.infoView

Mission and Purpose

The .hotel top-level domain is intended exclusively to serve the global Hotel Community and is designed to help solving existing challenges in a strongly growing online hotel business. It will provide verified, meaningful and easily recognizable domains to the Hotel Community.

The Community for the .hotel top-level domain (the “Hotel Community”) consists of entities that are hotels, operate hotels or represent hotels through an association. This Hotel Community intends to use .hotel domain names for their presentation, communication and commerce, and⁄or promote the hotel community online.

For this reason, the eligible registrants are limited to the following Hotel Community categories:

- Hotels
- Hotel chains
- Hotel associations

There are two primary challenges the Hotel Community faces which this TLD addresses: discoverability and profitability. The .hotel top-level domain supports the Hotel Community’s strengths and enhances its worldwide presentation on the Internet for the benefit of the whole community – from single hotels to their representations – through a clear, identifiable domain. This discoverability leads to direct contacts from potential hotel customers, which will reduce dependence on third-party booking portals and increase direct bookings. This benefit will result in increased margins for the Hotel Community and better prices for hotel customers.

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