20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.websVistaprint Limitedvistaprint.comView

The Applicant is directly related to the WEBS Community since December 2011, when it acquired Webs, Inc. as a subsidiary.

Webs, Inc. (called Freewebs at the time) started the Community initiative by investing in online tools through which Webs members could share their experiences and comment. Through its subsidiary, Webs, Inc. the Applicant provides community members with useful information on improving their Webs experiences, through blogs, services, example sites, providing platforms on which the community can interact, etc.

Through its subsidiaries Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. and Webs, Inc. (to which the former is affiliated), the Applicant provides community members also with policies and terms of use of the different products and services, laying down rules and terms of conduct to be accepted by members of the WEBS community. These policies and terms of use also explain the contractual relationship and the way in which the Applicant’s subsidiaries are accountable to the community.

As shown by Document 20.f, the application for the .WEBS community is endorsed by the co-founders of the Webs community themselves. The co-founders of the Webs Community are still active in Webs.com and driving the Webs Community. The co-founders are prepared to provide additional information, should this be required.

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