18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.香港電訊PCCW-HKT DataCom Services Limitedtld.asiaView

The “.hkt” and “.香港電訊” TLDs are brand TLDs, representing the Hong Kong Telecom and 香港電訊 Brand (http:⁄⁄www.hkt.com).

HKT (SEHK: 6823) is Hong Kongʹs premier telecommunications service provider. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public and local and international businesses with a wide range of services including local telephony, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile, and other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sale, outsourcing, consulting, and contact centers .

Together with the highly successful media business of its parent company, PCCW Limited, HKT offers innovative media content and services across the PCCW Groupʹs unique quadruple-play platforms fixed-line, broadband Internet access, TV and mobile.

The primary purposes of the .hkt TLD is to protect and further the HKT brand that has been established for more than 80 years in Hong Kong and to promote its services and products through sub domains.

As a leading telecommunications services provider in Hong Kong, we believe in the forefront of innovation and technologies and are therefore putting forward this proposal to operate the .hkt TLD.

A. Advance Constructive Competition

We believe that the introduction of the .hkt and “.香港電訊” TLDs helps us remain competitive in the dynamically developing global telecommunications industry.

B. Enhance Consumer Trust

By protecting our brand and ensuring that it is not mis-used in anyway by third parties as a TLD, we help support the enhancement of consumer trust in the DNS. More importantly, Internet end users will be able to use the .hkt and “.香港電訊” TLDs to connect directly with HKT, further enhancing consumer confidence and trust.
Furthermore, HKT intends to work with competent registry back-end and front-end services providers who can fully implement the registry systems in compliance with the ICANN specifications and in accordance with the technical responses to #22-44, so that the Registry may ensure a secure and stable implementation of the .hkt and “.香港電訊” TLDs that supports consumer trust.

C. Promote Consumer Choice

The introduction of “.hkt” and “.香港電訊” allows consumers to choose to connect with HKT directly through the TLD. Furthermore, HKT is hoping to leverage the “.hkt” and “.香港電訊” TLDs to provide innovative services that enhance the user experience. Furthermore the use of the “.香港電訊” Chinese IDN TLD supports our connection the local Chinese community which we serve.

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