18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.vipTop Level Domain Holdings Limitedgmail.comView

18b Benefits

We believe that the Internet-using world will benefit from the existence of a .VIP gTLD by:

- making domain names ending in .VIP an exclusive commodity denoting worldwide achievement and recognition.

- providing an identifiable means for people to prove their status and importance and distinguish themselves from impostors.

Existing TLDs, such as .COM and .NET, do not provide adequate solutions for many registrants. Domain names that relate to registrants’ business, interests, or associations are often already registered. For likely .VIP registrants, the situation is much exacerbated. Because most .VIP candidates are famous and⁄or wealthy, their names are often pirated or cybersquatted. Additionally, other options, such as ccTLDs, do not provide adequate alternatives as a registrant may not have any geographic relation or meet the criteria associated with other gTLDs such as .MUSEUM or .AERO. Therefore, the only available opportunity to register a relevant and useful domain name registration may be through a brand new registration in a gTLD.

Taking into account the new opportunities available with new gTLDs, growth is expected to continue in all sections of the domain name industry. It will benefit registrants and users by allowing registrants to reach more targeted audiences and increase their web presence. Additionally, it will allow registrants to more closely identify with a particular market segment.

At present, there is no specific .VIP domain name, or useful top-level alternative domain name, that exists for accomplished and⁄or wealthy people to distinguish themselves.

From a competitive perspective, registrants that want a domain name that effectively and efficiently shows their status face a domain name marketplace that provides them with few, if any, options for their purposes. The .VIP top-level domain will resolve this problem by providing accomplished and well-known people with an effective, prominent, instantly understood way of showing their prominence and status and provide those registrants who qualify a domain that that can effectively communicate that information to Internet. At the same time, .VIP provides competition with the existing TLDs and new gTLDs that will be approved by ICANN, benefiting the Internet community at large by increasing consumer choice.

We believe that the .VIP top-level domain will add significantly to competition and differentiation in the top-level domain space, both for registrants and Internet consumers.

In terms of user experience, .VIP will provide users with a top-level domain name that allows them to easily recognize that the registrant is a very important person. We believe this will be of substantial benefit to the Internet user community in general as it will allow them to more easily and more readily understand the purpose or motives of the registrant’s website or email, allowing for better, more efficient and more effective use of their time online.

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