18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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18a Mission
The purpose of the .LATINO top-level domain is to offer the Latino population, particularly in the United States, an opportunity to present themselves on the Internet in a distinctive and memorable manner.

The Latino population in the United States is large and growing. The Census Bureau reports that, in 2010, 16% of the population identified as Latino. This is expected to grow to 33% by 2050. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau http:⁄⁄quickfacts.census.gov⁄qfd⁄states⁄00000.html) This vibrant culture deserves its own namespace on the Internet.

We aim to offer names in the .LATINO TLD to anyone who wants to identify their web content with the Latino community. Use of a .LATINO domain name will also provide a clear identification for commercial enterprises marketing to the Latino community. In addition, this top-level domain provides the public with more choice in the domain name marketplace at competitive prices.

The goal of the .LATINO top-level domain is to establish itself as the recognized, authoritative and preferred choice for registrants who want to market and promote themselves and their websites to the Internet-using public for business, political, personal, legal or any other purpose, and, as the recognized top-level domain name for the Latino community.

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