18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.MiamiTop Level Domain Holdings Limitedgmail.comView

The overarching goal for the .MIAMI top-level domain is twofold: First, to give Miami residents, businesses, tourists and enthusiasts information and sources or other online resources regarding the geographic region including but not limited to employment, lifestyle and culture, education, media, sports and entertainment. Second, we hope to provide a centralized place for Internet users to search and attain information associated with Miami in a more effective an efficient manner.

The greater Miami metropolitan area is home to 5.5 million people, the largest urban center in the southeastern U.S., with incredible diversity and two major languages spoken. Miami’s residents are comparatively wealthy and largely connected to the Internet. All these factors in one urban area, identified by the name “Miami,” suggests that .MIAMI will be popular with residents.

Miami draws over 38 million tourists annually, who spend $17.1 billion each year. Since much travel planning is done on the web, this suggests that businesses that want to attract tourists will use the .MIAMI top-level domain.

Miami is a hub of the western hemisphere, known variously as the “Capital of Latin America,” “Cruise Capital of the World,” and “Cargo Gateway of the Americas.” Its airport handles more international passengers in the United States than any other except for New York’s JFK. It is home to many companies, and serves as the South American headquarters for many more. Miami is a world financial capital, and a major retail center. In 2010 Miami had the highest non-food retail sales of any city in the world. Miami has a Gross Metropolitan Product of $257 billion and is ranked 20th worldwide in GMP, and 11th in the United States.

People and businesses buy domain names because they want to “fly the flag,” to identify themselves with the domain name. Many south Florida residents who live near Miami routinely identify themselves as being from Miami to outsiders who are not familiar with the area. We believe that many Miamians live in the Miami area because they want to, love the city, and they want to be identified with it.

The .MIAMI top-level domain will serve Miami residents, businesses, and organizations, as well as tourists, visiting business people, and those who have ties to Miami. .MIAMI will be part of Miami’s brand on the Internet, and will give it a place among the global Internet cities in the world, joining Paris, Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo and other major metropolises. .MIAMI will mark web content as local to the Miami area and brand email addresses as coming from, or being related to Miami.

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