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In order to safeguard the security and stability of .gree, as well as the Internet at large, Gree, Inc. (the registry) takes abuse very seriously and employs proactive measures to mitigate abusive activities.

In general, the registry’s abuse mitigation strategies fall into the following broad areas:

- conducting pre-verification of registration eligibility
- developing and publishing a set of comprehensive abuse policies including clear definitions of abusive activities;
- establishing and publishing a single abuse point of contact to address and resolve abuse complaints at registry startup and on an ongoing basis; and
- developing procedures for handling complaints, including takedown requests, in a timely manner.

.gree is a domain for Gree, Inc. its stakeholders, and the GREE SNS community and domain name registration of the TLD will be available to the members of the GREE SNS community. However, as stated in Question 18, the registry believes that allowing registrations on the basis of membership in the community alone would open the TLD to increased risk of abuse. As a consequence, the registry will adopt the following registration policy to restrict the eligibility, name selection and usage of domains.

Domain Name Registration Categories
Domain name registration may qualify in one of the following two categories.
A. GREE SNS community operator registration
B. GREE SNS community member participant registration

A. GREE SNS Community Operator Registration
Domain names registered in this category must be registered solely by an entity that contributes to operation of the community, upon successful verification. Verification will be conducted by the registry, and organizations that wish to apply for a .gree dedicated account will be required to provide proof of registration eligibility to the registry via a .gree accredited registrar. Proposed valid forms of documentary proof include, but are not limited to,
- company seal (registered or unregistered)
- signature of management staff

A community operator must be one of the following.
- GREE, Inc.
- Companies listed in the annual securities report of GREE, Inc.
- Contributors to the operation of GREE

B. GREE SNS Community Member Participant Registration
Domain names registered in this category must be registered by a community operator in conjunction with a community member. Community members who wish to register a domain name under this category will be required to undergo evaluation. The evaluation will seek to determine whether the applied for domain name would benefit the community. For evaluation purposes, applicants must submit a proposal to GREE, Inc. addressing at minimum the following four points.

- The domain name being applied for
- Purpose of applied for domain name registration
- Specific intended content restriction and use of the applied for domain name
- Reason the applied for domain name registration would benefit the community

Community members whose evaluations are successful will operate the applied for domain in partnership with a GREE SNS community operator and in accordance with the submitted proposal.

Regardless of the registration category, all domain names and associated contact details are verified at registration time. Should there be any material changes to the verified information at any time, the registrant or administrative contact must notify the registry of the change. Failure to comply with the policies may result in the suspension, cancellation or transfer of any registration or transaction, as well as the placement of lock, hold or similar statuses on existing domain names.

The registry believes that the verification step will help mitigate abusive activities including abusive registrations as well as promote Whois accuracy.

Draft Abusive Use Policy
The registry defines abuse as any activity that may harm the stability and security of the DNS and Internet, including, but not limited to:

- Illegal or fraudulent activities;
- Phishing;
- Pharming;
- Using or distributing malicious software (malware);
- Sending unsolicited bulk messages (spam);
- Posting, trading, or exchanging information that harms minors; and
- Posting information that is offensive to public order or morals.

The registry reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer any registration or transaction, or place any domain name on lock, hold or similar status, at its sole discretion, to enforce the policy.

Abuse Public Contact Information
In order to comply with Specification 6.4.1 of New gTLD Agreement, the registry will provide to ICANN its Abuse contact details. The information will include a valid e-mail and mailing address and a primary contact, and the registry will promptly provide to ICANN a notice of any changes to the contact.

Also, the registry will also publish its abuse public contact information on its web site when it publicly releases the .gree domain name registration policies. The abuse public contact will be responsible for handling complaints concerning abusive activities relating to domains registered under the .gree TLD that violate the Abusive Use Policy and require expedited attention. The abuse public contact will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A person who wishes to contact the abuse public contact will be required to submit the Abuse Complaint Form via e-mail or via the online Abuse Complaint Form on the Registry web site.

Abuse Complaint Form
In order to gather pertinent information about a reported incident, facilitate accurate investigation, and avoid false alarms ⁄ positives, the registry will provide an Abuse Complaint form on the registry website. The Abuse complaint form is required at the time a person contacts the abuse public contact and can be submitted online or by email in the format specified on the registry website.

Draft Takedown Procedure
- Complaint is submitted using the abuse complaint form via email or the registry web site;
- Upon receiving a complaint, the registry’s operational and registrar support team will
 assign a ticket number
 review complaint form
- request additional information if complaint form is deemed insufficient to carry out effective investigation
 investigate the complaint to verify accuracy, and to record proof of abuse
 based on the nature of the abuse, assign level of severity: normal or emergency
- Emergency: the registry will suspend the domain name in question and close the complaint ticket. At the same time, it will open a ticket to inform the sponsoring registrar of the suspension along with the reason.
- Nomal: open a ticket to inform the sponsoring registrar to take corrective actions. The registrar must inform the registry of actions taken. If the registrar does not take any action (that includes no response from the registrar) within a reasonable timeframe, the registry will suspend the domain name in question and close the complaint ticket.
 If the domain name was suspended by the registry, and the situation is remedied by the registrant, the registrar will contact the registry via the ticket number. The registry operational and registrar support team will verify that the issue has indeed been remedied and re-enable the domain name, closing the ticket.
 All actions by the operational and registrar support team will be logged

The registry understands that the Registration Abuse Policies Working Group has been working on developing best practices for registries and registrars addressing the fraudulent use of domain names. The registry will closely follow the working group discussions and documents, with a view of adopting the best practices to enhance abuse mitigation capabilities.

In addition, the registry will participate in security forums to keep track of the latest developments in abuse mitigation best practices and refine its abuse policies and procedures from time to time.

Orphan Glue Records
The registry’s view on orphan glue records is consistent with the Security and Stability Advisory Committee Comment on Orphan Glue Records
〈http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄committees⁄security⁄sac048.pdf〉. The registry supports the use of orphan glue records for legitimate purposes. Upon receiving a complaint relating to an orphaned glue record used in connection with malicious activities, the registry will verify and take corrective actions in accordance with its takedown procedures.

Resourcing Plans
The implementation and operation of this aspect of registry operations involve the following roles:
● Technical Manager
● Network Engineer
● Applications Engineer
● Database Administrator
● System Architect
● Security Officer
● Technical Support
● Registry Administrators
● Trademark Protection Officer
● QA and Process Manager

The attached table, “resource_fte.png”, outlines the overall FTE equivalent resources available to GMO Registry for the initial implementation and ongoing operations of the registry, of which abuse handlings a subset.

Initial Implementation
Initial implementation of this aspect of registry operations refers to:
● development of detailed procedures on the policies and procedures set forth above
● configuration of the customer support ticketing system for efficient handling of abuse complaints
● training of the operational staff

During this phase, all roles listed above are involved in the planning and implementation of their respective systems in support of this component.

Ongoing Maintenance
The ongoing maintenance of abuse mitigation involves:
● proactive monitoring of the SRS, Whois and DNS services to detect and curb abuse
● acting as the primary abuse point of contact to coordinate the handling of complaints received and escalating to relevant vendors as necessary
● monitoring of security mailing lists for takedown requests arising from security researchers and emergency response teams
● participating in relevant ICANN communities to engage in knowledge sharing, implementing best practices that may emerge

The follow roles are involved in this phase of the operations:
● Technical Manager
● Technical Support
● Security Officer
● Registry Administrator
● Trademark Protection Officer
● QA and Process Manager

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