20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.greeGREE, Inc.gmoregistry.comView

Purpose of .gree
The purpose of the .gree TLD is to create a safe and secure name space that will protect the GREE community. The company has registered many domain names under various gTLDs and ccTLDs to protect community members from harmful websites. Despite these efforts, there are still many domain name registrations and websites that attempt to impersonate the community. A single TLD is necessary to ensure users can clearly identify community websites, as well as differentiate community domain names from phishing and other fraudulent websites - we believe this is where the greatest benefit to Internet users lies.

Further, member participation and cooperation is essential for growth and development of the community. For this reason, domain registrations will be available not only to the operational side of the community but also to the community members that play a crucial role in the development of the community.

Intended Registrants in .gree
The following two types of domain name registration will be available.

A. GREE SNS Community Operator Registration
Domain names registered in this category must be registered solely by an entity that contributes to operation of the community. A community operator must be one of the following.
- GREE, Inc.
- Companies listed in the annual securities report of GREE, Inc.
- Contributors to the operation of GREE

* Important note: No individual-basis registrations will be allowed. In other words, the board members, employees, and contract staff of the companies listed above are not permitted to be registrants of .gree domain names.

B. GREE SNS Community Member Participant Registration
Domain names registered in this category must be registered by a community operator in conjunction with a community member. Community members who wish to register a domain name under this category will be required to undergo evaluation.

Please refer to Question 18(b)iv for details.

Intended End Users of .gree
End users of domain names registered in the .gree TLD are expected to be:
- General Internet users visiting GREE websites
- GREE community members
- GREE Inc. the company and its stakeholders

Related Activities the Applicant has carried out or Intends to carry out in Service of this Purpose
Currently, the community uses TLDs including gree.co.jp and gree.jp for activities including usage of the various services previously described, and communication between users. In the future, all of these activities would be consolidated under .gree, establishing a safer and more secure community space. As outlined in Question 20b, the company already promotes community safety and security through educational campaigns and a high-security operational structure. Through a safer, more secure community platform the company aims to grow the community, bring people together, and make people happy

Explanation of how the Purpose is of a Lasting Nature
The community connects facilitates building long term relationships between users. As explained in Question 20(a) (Community Features), GREE is host to data users consider important including diaries, photos, video and messages. Maintaining this information securely over the long term is critical to GREE’s mission. Therefore in the long term, the company expects to continue operating the community safely and securely.

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