20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.greeGREE, Inc.gmoregistry.comView

Applicant’s relationship to the community
GREE, Inc, the applicant, is the company that established and operates the community. Planning and development, general operation (including web site development and management), provision of functionality and services, and member support operations are all carried out by the company.

Accountability mechanism’s of the applicant to the community
The company (applicant) uses the following mechanisms to ensure it remains accountable to both members and society in general.

- Publicity aimed at General Public via Mass Media
(1)Community Publicity
(1-1) GREE community marketing and publicity
All GREE television commercials open and close with the same two images
opening image: http:⁄⁄gmoregistry.co⁄gree⁄cm1.png
closing image: http:⁄⁄gmoregistry.co⁄gree⁄cm2.png
This generates and reinforces recognition of the GREE community brand among the general public.
(1-2) Television Commercials Introducing SNS Features
The company also runs commercials that aim to educate viewers on SNS functionality. These commercials contribute to general understanding of GREE, promote its existence and encourage participation not only among existing members but also to the public in general.
(Between October 7-13, 2011 30-40 commercials a day were broadcast throughout Japan.)

(2) User Education on Mobile Device and Internet Usage
The company has also created educational television commercials on safe and secure Internet usage aimed at minors who use the Internet or mobile devices and their guardians.
(Between July 22 and August 31, 1-3 commercials a day were broadcast throughout Japan, and 4-10 commercials a day were broadcast in the Kanto region.)

- Website Announcements and Notices to the Community and General Public
The company strives to educate and inform members through its website. Help Pages provide explanation of service features and our website also features the educational page, “GREE’s 6 Promises to All”.

- Email Communication with Members
(1) After a given period of time, new users receive information and game tutorials by email.
(2) When a message is deleted due to a violation of Terms of Use, the sender receives a warning by email and the intended recipient is a notified that a message from the sender has been deleted.
Through the appropriate use of email as outlined above, the company strives to educate users on service features and safe Internet usage.

- Site Operation System
(1) 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year patrol system
GREE has established patrol centers in Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Okinawa, with a total of approximately 450 patrol staff. The patrol system was launched in November 2006.
The patrol centers conduct surveillance using a combination of automated systems, visual checks, and user reporting. In the event that inappropriate content is discovered, action is taken including content removal, issuing a warning, and account suspension.
(2) Age Restrictions
- Users under 18 are excluded from the search results of users over 18,
- Users over 18 cannot message users under 18, and
- Users who wish to send friend requests to users under 18 are limited to standard wording.
(3) User Authentication
The company verifies the mobile devices of new users at the time of registration. This prevents users who have previously been banned from re-registering. Usage of mobile filtering services can also be detected to verify members’ ages. The company also has access to information collected by major Japanese mobile carriers KDDI Corporation and Softbank Mobile for even more reliable age verification, and will continue forging partnerships with other carriers.
(4) Security and Safety Improvement Committee lead by CEO
Under the leadership of the CEO, the Security and Safety Improvement Committee comprising the Director responsible for patrol centers, a member of the Board of Auditors, and representatives from the legal and public relations department was established to oversee the protection and education of minors on the website.
(5)Independent Certification
Our website was the first to be certified by EMA (Content Evaluation and Monitoring Association : http:⁄⁄www.ema.or.jp⁄en⁄index.html ) in August 2008.

- Educational Initiatives on our Website
(1) GREE has been a member of Motto-goodnet (Better Internet Environment), an organization that promotes Internet safety, since February 2009 and provides official Motto-goodnet accounts on its website.
(2)In July 20011, GREE overhauled its educational content adding new links to educational information and modifying content to make it easier to understand.
(3) In August 2011 we launched the educational app, “Six Promises between GREE and Everyone” and in December of the same year the service was diversified to cater to different age groups.

- Educational Initiatives beyond our Website
(1) The company is continuously promoting its patrol center and other educational initiatives to local governments and educational institutions.
(2) The company has partnerships with organizations that promote Internet safety, non-government groups, and public agencies, and actively participates in educational events. For example, in 2011 the company presented a lecture at Tokyo Seitoku University Fukaya Senior High School (December 16), and gave a presentation at the Conference of Lifestyle Counselors in Osaka (December 18).

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