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.greeGREE, Inc.gmoregistry.comView

Community Name

Community Structure, Establishment and Recognition among Internet Users
The GREE community is well known as a community of GREE SNS users. Founder and operator GREE, Inc. was established in December 2004 when the community began to thrive.

Founding and Operating Entity
GREE, Inc, a company incorporated under the laws of Japan

Community Membership Structure
GREE community membership is free. Members are required to meet the following conditions:
-Agree to the Terms of Use required to receive services
-Provide certain personal information including a valid email address
-Possess a mobile device
In principle, anyone who meets the above criteria is eligible to become a member. However, the following measures aim to prevent abusive use and other issues.
-Verification of email address associated with mobile device (Verification email sent to address associated with userʹs mobile device.)
-Notification of usage etiquette and prohibited behavior
-Expulsion of users who violate community rules
GREE members have access to an extensive line up of free and paid premium services.

Community Size (Membership and Location) and Potential
Current Membership
Membership in the GREE community has grown steadily since the service was launched. In March 2007 the community had 1 million members. By April 2009 membership had grown 10-fold to exceed 10 million in approximately 2 years. After OpenFeint joined the GREE group, in December 2011 total membership reached 189.2 million. As the same time, market value of GREE, Inc.was over JPY600 billion (USD7,730 million).

Going forward the company expects continued growth.

This data shows growth in GREE Group membership between April and December 2011
(180% growth in 9 months)
Apr-11 105,000,000
May-11 113,000,000
Jun-11 123,000,000
Jul-11 134,000,000
Aug-11 145,000,000
Sep-11 155,000,000
Oct-11 162,000,000
Nov-11 174,000,000
Dec-11 189,200,000
Please see the diagram http:⁄⁄gmoregistry.co⁄gree⁄user.pdf

As seen above, membership growth is strong. Between April and December of 2011 membership approximately doubled to 189.2 million. Given the current growth trend we are confident the community will continue to expand.

Global Expansion
In January 2011 GREE International, Inc. was established marking the beginning of a concerted effort to expand the community beyond Japan. The company has actively expanded the community through acquisitions and partnerships as outlined below.

-Acquisition of OpenFeint
In terms of both user base and game content, OpenFeint is one of the largest gaming networks in North America. The OpenFeint brand, user base, social platform and social media have been integrated with GREE in Japan to form GREE Platform. The integrated content platform is targeted to global markets.

-Business partnership with China’s leading Internet services provider, Tencent
Tencent operates the largest online community in China with 650 million users. Standardizing specifications of our respective platforms, GREE and Tencent launched Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community on August 5, 2011.

-Partnership with online payment provider PayPal
As of December 14, 2011, smartphone users in Japan can use PayPal on the GREE platform. The company also plans to introduce PayPal to GREE platform in the US and other countries. PayPal is an easy and secure payment method introduced to diversify payment options and enhance ease of use.

-Investment in Korean game developer, Mobicle
GREE has partnered with Mobicle to develop social games for smartphones, leveraging Mobicleʹs technology and expertise in real-time simultaneous connections and 3D.

The company is developing its global presence and already has offices in the US, China, Korea, Singapore and England. We continue to actively pursue global growth with plans to open subsidiaries in Holland, Brazil and Germany.
Please refer to the following URL: http:⁄⁄www.gree.co.jp⁄en⁄corporate⁄globalnetwork⁄

Service Development
The community began as a basic desktop social networking service. In 2006 a mobile version of GREE was launched together with free games and content, and in 2010 smartphone versions (iPhone and Android) followed. Today GREE is a widely recognized and used social gaming platform incorporating SNS functionality and community. The mobile version of GREE provides a large selection of free games and content, significantly contributing to the community’s ability to acquire new members. The company expects its attractive service offerings to continue boosting membership. Please visit the following webpage for an overview of company history: http:⁄⁄www.gree.co.jp⁄en⁄corporate⁄history⁄

Community Engagement
The following graphs illustrate overall usage and usage per member.

(1) Overall level of community activity
This data shows total monthly page views between Sep 2007 and Jun 2010
Users(1,824% growth) ⁄ Page views(840% growth)
Sep-07 1,960,000,000 ⁄ 2,450,000
Dec-07 2,800,000,000 ⁄ 3,280,000
Mar-08 4,470,000,000 ⁄ 4,290,000
Jun-08 5,840,000,000 ⁄ 5,540,000
Sep-08 7,630,000,000 ⁄ 6,700,000
Dec-08 9,160,000,000 ⁄ 8,020,000
Mar-09 12,180,000,000 ⁄ 9,860,000
Jun-09 17,420,000,000 ⁄ 12,600,000
Sep-09 23,680,000,000 ⁄ 15,120,000
Dec-09 24,970,000,000 ⁄ 16,730,000
Mar-10 25,950,000,000 ⁄ 18,430,000
Jun-10 35,760,000,000 ⁄ 20,590,000
Please see the diagram http:⁄⁄gmoregistry.co⁄gree⁄pv1.pdf

The rise in page views is the result of aggressive promotions that produce steady membership growth, and the introduction of new social games that boost member activity.

(2) Activity per member
This data shows the average number of page views per user
(217% growth)
Sep-07 800
Dec-07 854
Mar-08 1,042
Jun-08 1,054
Sep-08 1,139
Dec-08 1,142
Mar-09 1,235
Jun-09 1,383
Sep-09 1,566
Dec-09 1,493
Mar-10 1,408
Jun-10 1,737
Please see the diagram http:⁄⁄gmoregistry.co⁄gree⁄pv2.pdf

As is evident here, there is also an upward trend in average page views per user each month. Growth in this metric is an indication not only of increased membership but also of increased engagement on a per member basis. The above data clearly illustrates level of activity in the community overall and by individual members.

Major Features of the Community

Members share interests and discuss topics with other members.
Any participating member can leave comments in themed community forums.
Any member can create a new thread and become administrator.
The administrator is responsible for thread management, and must promptly issue warnings or remove posts when Terms of Use violations are found. Administrators are held responsible for overlooked violations.

Members publish profiles including photos and bios.

-Friend Links
Members search for friends and send friend requests.
“Friends” can view friend-only content including diaries and photos.

Members can leave comments while viewing profiles.

This feature is similar to a blog. Blog entries posted on other sites can also be published.

-Real time comment feed
Simple tool for posting opinions, ideas and feelings
Posts displayed in real time on friends’ home pages

-Photo, Video Album: Images⁄videos can be posted and viewed by other members.
Includes comment function
Images⁄videos can be password-restricted

Allows members to communicate within GREE
Messages can be stored indefinitely within allocated storage limits.
Measures are in place to protect minors and avoid member conflict. Members under the 18 years can only exchange messages with users in a specific age bracket, and Messages containing inappropriate language or personal details cannot be sent.

PC and mobile games and apps (in-house and third-party developer games)
Many free games and some paid content
Virtual currency for in-game purchases and options

-User Q&A Forum
A member question & answer forum

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