18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.pressDotPress Inc.radixregistry.comView

Business entities need to communicate important news about their business activities, industry updates, news related to their products and services and so on, on an ongoing basis in order to keep their stakeholders engaged. Consumers of this information are those that are immediately related, such as vendors, suppliers, resellers, contractors, customers, potential customers, and so on. It is also the news media and press who take this news information further to the public. One can safely say that the 4th estate plays a critical role in the dissemination of this infomation.

Companies strive to keep their stakeholders engaged and updated in order to build a lasting relationship with them. Thus, usually the news section of a business website is an actively updated and frequently visited section. The Press today is in the need of a convenient single point of source from where they can receive press releases, blogs and other media updates. If they are to be the eventual means to reach the relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries, there arises a need for a solid dediated online presence which businesses can use to reach these mouthpieces.

The mission of the .Press TLD is to serve as a single, distinct source on the web for any business to post news worthy information about themselves. .Press will faciliate a clear and distinct channel on the web for the media to follow, in turn, passing this information on to their audience. The stakeholders can also directly identify and access this as an original and legitimate source for such updates.

The Major goals of .Press are:

* Increased identity, better branding:

A .Press extension is dedicated to provide the latest news updates related to a business is brandable and also memorable for its audience. ʹCompanyname.Pressʹ clearly communicates the purpose, identity, and credibility of information.

* Easier Access:

More often than not, information is deep within links and the user may have to go through multiple clicks to get the information they are looking for. A domain name with the extension .press will automatically alleviate the need to do so, allowing companies to better brand their external facing news destination on the web.

ʹCompanyName.pressʹ will always have better recall in the minds of consumers as compared to ʹCompanyName.com⁄abc⁄xyz⁄pressreleaseʹ.In fact, across the Internet today, there is no standard to denote the news section. The news section is often named as ‘Updates’, ‘Latest News’, What’s New’ and so on. A standard extension with the term ‘Press’ would solve much of this problem, and make it easy to follow in a single, and reliable portal of information.

* Increased search efficiency:

Much too often not-so-savvy users spend time and effort in an endless search to find correct and reliable news information. A key aim of the .Press TLD will be to relieve the frustration in locating the correct and reliable source, thereby increasing the value derived. The .Press TLD will accomplish this goal by providing a single, easy-to-reach location, identified as a source for trusted news information from the business itself. This benefits the Registrants as well as the end users.

* Value and Trust:

The .Press registry will aim to create value such that consumers begin to expect to find company-related news that is reliable, trustworthy, and directly from the company, at the URL ʹCompanyName.Pressʹ.

* Creating a cleaner internet space

The .Press Registry will aim to create a cleaner internet experience for end users by implementing pioneering registration policies, content and usage policies, and abuse mitigation processes.

* Creating a stable and resilient internet space

The .Press Registry aims to deliver a stable and resilient internet experience to registrants and end-users by going above and beyond the ICANN mandated SLAs and delivering 100% resolution uptime

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