18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.ovhOVH SAScorp.ovh.comView

One of the goals of the .ovh extension will be to identify OVH as an innovative entity close to its customers in the field of new technologies. Furthermore, it will allow the company to offer its customers new development opportunities, allowing for the registration of extensions already reserved on the more “general” TLDs.
Buying a .ovh extension will be an entry-level opportunity for an individual to secure a visible web identity at a lower cost than the current rates. It will represent the occasion for this person to easily take place on the webspace without any financial risk. Additionally, the .ovh extension will be a way for this person to assert his belonging to the OVH IT community and enjoy privileged access to OVH services and forums where a large group of customers already collaborate to provide for mutual assistance.
Access conditions to a .ovh domain are completely open, as any OVH customer can acquire one. Any company or individual can become an OVH customer, as long as they can provide contact information that will be verified by the company. Customers will have to comply with sunrise and landrush phases during the launch of the extension.
The sale of .ovh extensions by OVH will be done according to French laws and follow the recommendations of the CNIL authority and the French anti-Data Mining laws for the protection of user data. Additional Whois protection possibilities will also be available to the customer who wants to hide their contact information.
The plan to promote the .ovh extension will also answer to a communautary logic. 20 000 .ovh domain names have already been requested by those who represent the heart of our user community. It is for and with these people and through the communication tools that we provide to our customers that we want to turn the .ovh extension into the IT extension of choice on the Internet.

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