18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.TRUSTDeutsche Post AGmarkmonitor.comView

18 (a). Mission ⁄ Purpose of the gTLD

According to the Applicant, Deutsche Post AG (ʺDeutsche Postʺ), the mission and purpose of the .TRUST TLD are described in detail below.

Deutsche Post delivers both on- and off-line mail and logistics solutions to the global marketplace - on average around 65 million items each day, six days per week in Germany alone. This happens mainly under its DEUTSCHE POST and DHL brands. Based on this number of items delivered, Deutsche Post is one of the largest postal and parcel delivery companies in the world and among the most well-known brands in Germany, and via its brand DHL, also in the world. Its history, reaching back more than 500 years, places it among the brands with the richest traditions in Germany. Not least because of this history, ʹtrustʹ can be seen as the common thread of three core brand elementsʹ: close proximity, reliable quality and ground-breaking products and services:

- Close proximity:
ʹWe are there for our customers and part of their daily life. Everyday our mail carriers give a face to the brand. They are a part of ʹtheirʹ districts and ʹtheirʹ streets and - in a way - ʹbelong to their familiesʹ. So it is a relationship of closeness and trustʹ.

- Reliable quality:
ʹEveryday people entrust us with very confidential items and we guarantee the protection of the constitutional right to the privacy of correspondence´.

- Ground-breaking products and services:
ʹPeople trust us that we offer the most up-to-date mail business solutionsʹ.

In particular, the core brand element ʺground-breaking products and services,ʺ as well as ʺreliable qualityʺ are important connecting points with Deutsche Postʹs new ground-breaking sub-brand: E-POST. E-POST aims to take the classic letter to the Internet thereby supporting confidential, binding and reliable, i.e. secure electronic communication as well as trusted transactions. Also in that context, just as in everything the Applicant does, the ʹtrustʹ factor plays a pivotal role.

Broadly speaking, the mission and purpose of this gTLD can be defined as Deutsche Postʹs plan to continue to promote and deliver innovative services to the Internet community, with a strong emphasis on security and convenience. With the .TRUST gTLD, Deutsche Post would like to create a competitive edge vis-à-vis traditional gTLD registry operators on the one hand, and its competitors in Deutsche Postʹs ʺtraditionalʺ activities on the other hand.

The security-related issues refer to the Applicantʹs objective of providing a platform for secure electronic communication and trusted transactions on the Internet.

As explained above, under the brand E-POST, which is a highly successful supplement to the Applicantʹs classic letter services, the Applicant already offers confidential, binding and reliable services for electronic communication. Based on its reputation gained in the area for secure electronic communications, the Applicant aims at extending its offerings to different trusted transactions on the Internet.

If these transactions result in the delivery of physical goods (such as letters, parcels, etc.), Deutsche Post has the ability to provide such a service by relying on its traditional commercial activities, which is the provision of mail and logistics services on an international scale.

Some of the most important benefits of .TRUST are described as follows:

Provide for a global platform in order to effectuate Deutsche Postʹs plans to roll out ⁄ to internationalize a platform for innovative secure electronic communication and trusted transactions offered by Deutsche Post;

The Applicant aims at providing a secure and trusted platform for electronic communication and transactions on the Internet with various features and⁄or functions. The gTLD .TRUST will in that context enable an unambiguous and distinctive navigation or mapping for Internet users in general, and for .TRUST registrants in particular;


- the .TRUST gTLD as an online extension of the Applicantʹs traditional commercial activities: Considering the fact that many stakeholders are involved in the day-to-day activities of Deutsche Post - which is the provision of mail and logistics services on an international scale - the .TRUST gTLD will function as a platform for the future development and roll-out of secure and trusted electronic communication and transaction platforms - implying the same level of trust in the ʹdigitalʹ as in the ʹphysical worldʹ ;

- the .TRUST gTLD as a unique selling proposition: since the Applicant has gained reputation as a provider of trusted services both off-line and - via its E-POST platform - also online, it seems logical to provide stakeholders with a confidential, secure and reliable Internet environment under the control of the Applicant, in which they are able to obtain information from and communicate with the Applicant and where they are able to obtain genuine information provided by Deutsche Post and its approved stakeholders.

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