16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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.stockholmStockholms kommundipcon.comView

16 The applicant for .stockholm - Stockholms kommun, hereafter called the City of Stockholm - has made all efforts to ensure the smooth and secure running of the .stockholm registry and the second-level domain names registered under this gTLD to avoid technical or rendering problems. Only experienced service providers for the .stockholm Registry Services - Afilias Limited (Afilias) and Registry Data Escrow Service - NCC Group Inc (NCC Group) were chosen.

Afilias is a global operator in registry services and provides a wide range of capabilities essential to the City of Stockholm’s operation of the domain registry. Afilias has operated since 2001 with the most successful launch of .INFO as one of seven new top domains. Afilias has previous experience of managing both small and large top level domains e.g. .INFO, .ASIA, .ORG, .AG and .IG which makes them a trusted partner in the operation of the new gTLD for the City of Stockholm.

NCC Group has been active in the domain name community since 2008 when they assisted ICANN with the development of the gTLD Registry Failover Plan. NCC Group is now an escrow provider for a number of registries and registrars worldwide with major operations in both Europe and North America. NCC Group’s services are compliant with both US and EU law which makes them a good choice for the City of Stockholm’s Data Escrow Services for .stockholm.

With consciously choosing well-renowned and highly reliable Registry Service and Data Escrow providers, the City of Stockholm is of the opinion that the City has made all efforts to ensure the smooth running of the .stockholm registry. In conclusion, no known operational or rendering problems concerning the .stockholm gTLD are known to either the City of Stockholm or one of the City’s providers.

Afilias comments to this Question:
The City of Stockholm anticipates the introduction of this TLD without operational or rendering problems. Based on a decade of experience launching and operating new TLDs, Afilias, the back-end provider of registry services for this TLD, is confident the launch and operation of this TLD presents no known challenges. The rationale for this opinion includes:

- The string is not complex and is represented in standard ASCII characters and follows relevant technical, operational and policy standards;
- The string length is within lengths currently supported in the root and by ubiquitous Internet programs such as web browsers and mail applications;
- There are no new standards required for the introduction of this TLD;
- No onerous requirements are being made on registrars, registrants or Internet users, and;
- The existing secure, stable and reliable Afilias SRS, DNS, WHOIS and supporting systems and staff are amply provisioned and prepared to meet the needs of this TLD.

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