18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.TDKTDK Corporationurbanbrain.comView

TDK Corporation (TDK) was founded in 1935 and has since become a household name around the world due to its strong commitment to innovation and contributions to the advancement of technology though the production of materials and components. Today, TDK employs over 87,000 people in sales offices and manufacturing bases at over 130 locations in more than 30 countries around the world.

TDK’s corporate philosophy can be summed up by its motto; “contribute to culture and industry through creativity.” This motto and the underlying principles of the company; “Vision,” “Courage,” and ”Trust” go hand in hand with TDK’s vision of running a top-level domain specifically for the TDK brand.

The ʺ.TDKʺ top-level domain will serve an important function in securing and promoting the TDK brand name and the goodwill associated with the TDK name, in an era of an expanding Internet namespace. ʺ.TDKʺ will help pave the way for new and unique methods of reaching out to its customers and suppliers, providing corporate communications, and delivering future products to enhance technology around the world.

TDK’s mission and purpose in managing and operating the ʺ.TDKʺ namespace can be further described by the following three elements:

1. Embrace the Future of Online Communications
2. Operate a Safe, Stable TLD for the TDK Brand
3. Increase Transparency of TDK’s Corporate Programs

1. Embrace the Future of Online Communications and Branding

The expansion of Internet extensions through ICANN’s new gTLD program presents an unprecedented and historic opportunity for TDK to manage its own Internet namespace. The introduction of new gTLDs will allow for a wide range of new extensions resulting in a significant shift in the way users will see and navigate the web. TDK views the prospect of running its own top-level domain as an exciting opportunity to help usher in positive changes to the Internet and continue its track-record of pioneering technological advancements.

The introduction of new gTLDs will fundamentally change the way users find relevant information on the web, and “.TDK” will emerge as the authoritative TLD for relevant information about TDK Corporation and its products and services. Implementing a creative approach to operating and marketing the “.TDK” top-level domain will play a vital role in contributing to the branding efforts of TDK.
Through following industry best practices and adhering to its strong stance on running a secure, stable top-level domain, TDK is confident that its top-level domain will become a successful extension of TDK brand online.

2. Operate a Safe, Stable TLD for the TDK Brand

There is currently no precedent for running a brand-centered TLD, and a lot of unknown variables exist. TDK believes that it is essential that “.TDK” be run in the most stable fashion to provide effective communications and ensure trust among Internet users who access sites under the ʺ.TDKʺ TLD. TDK has made a commitment to implement the highest technical standards and industry best practices to ensure that this platform will succeed as our identity on the web by teaming up with Neustar Inc., (NYSE:NSR) as the provider of the backend registry solution for the “.TDK” namespace.

Neustar has significant experience running existing gTLDs and ccTLDs, as well as operating enterprise domain name services for several of the world’s largest and most demanding corporations. In addition TDK has formed a relationship with UrbanBrain Company, a TLD management and consultancy division of Interlink Co., Ltd (an ICANN accredited registrar since 2006) to handle the day-to-day management of the namespace.

3. Increase Transparency of Corporate Programs

To preserve its identity as a dynamic company, TDK believes that it must strive to constantly produce high value to all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and society. Creating a safe, stable, and secure TLD is central to maintaining TDK’s world-class brand. ʺTrustʺ is a significant component of what TDK stands for. The “.TDK” TLD will serve as a platform for transparency for its corporate programs, such as corporate sponsorships, corporate social programs, and environmental initiatives.

It is TDK’s intention to create a namespace that offers intuitive navigation and consolidation of information that facilitates Internet users’ ability to find relevant information about TDK and its corporate endeavors.

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