18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.TEVATeva Pharmaceutical Industries Limitedvalideus.comView

The content of this Answer to Question 18 set forth below which describes the plans for Teva’s registry constitutes the “purpose” of the registry as that term is used in paragraph 1.b. of Specification 9 of the Draft New gTLD Registry Agreement found in Module 5 of the Teva Guidebook dated January 11, 2012 (“the Purpose”). Teva will publish its Charter and its policies, guidelines, and other supporting documentation related to the implementation of the registry consistent with the Purpose, all prior to launch. All second level domain names registered by Teva on behalf of itself or an affiliate will be registered through an ICANN-accredited registrar and will be consistent with the Purpose.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (“Teva”) is among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world and is the number one global generic pharmaceuticals leader. Headquartered in Israel, we operate in 60 countries, distribute products to over 120 markets and have 47,000 employees worldwide, of whom 4,000 are Quality Assurance accredited.
Teva was established in 1901 and our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible to more people around the world. We take great pride in our long tradition of leadership and dedication to excellence and to the well-being of our employees, customers, community and environment. Quality and safety are our number one priority and we act with integrity, ethical conduct and the highest standards of service.
We have the broadest product portfolio in the industry with over 1,300 molecules and specialize in the development, production and marketing of a wide range of generic and branded products, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

We are a member of the NASDAQ 100 and the TA-25 Index. In 2010, our sales were $16billion, $4 billion in non-GAAP net income and we manufactured 63 billion tablets.

We have employed a successful acquisitions and collaborations strategy which is guided by commercial, operational and structural considerations. Since 2008, we have successfully acquired and integrated eleven companies achieved through a unique set of guidelines and pre-defined milestones .

Teva is the owner of the TEVA mark around the world. By way of example, Teva is the owner of the mark TEVA, U.S. Reg. No. 1567918 having a registration date of November 28, 1989.
The .Teva registry will be a standard, not a community-based, registry. The .Teva registry will be a standard registry open only to Teva and our affiliates or in controlled circumstances to our business partners . For the avoidance of a doubt, the registry will be closed to registrants who do not have a formal, written trademark license agreement from Teva specifically allowing the registration of a second level domain name in the .Teva registry (the “Required License”). The .Teva registry will not be a community-based registry and there will be no market for second level registrations outside of registrants which are affiliated with Teva and⁄or which have the Required License.
Its Purpose will include:
• To protect Teva’s intellectual property and ensure that the integrity of our brand is enhanced at the highest possible level in the domain name system. We have a portfolio of registered intellectual property rights around the world and securing the term, .Teva, will enable us to harmonise our current brand protection policies

• To provide a platform for the delivery of secure, consolidated digital material for pharma industry professionals and consumers alike

• To ensure Teva remains at the forefront of innovation by keeping pace with internet technology developments

The success of the .Teva registry will be determined by the enhancement in the equity of the TEVA brand and in terms of the security and stability it brings to our communications.

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