18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.eurovisionEuropean Broadcasting Union (EBU)ebu.chView

Q18b - Mission-Purpose

b) i. What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation?


The .eurovision TLD will allow EBU to better exploit platforms and tools to increase availability and accessibility of programs for audiences, while driving network transmission efficiency through innovation.

The proposed TLD will also reinforce the company’s strategic positioning by offering high-end customized online services branded under its own TLD. This will leverage brand equity and distinguish the entity online from its targeted competitors.

The .eurovision TLD will demonstrate the brand and the company’s commitment, integrity, professionalism and teamwork as well as will enhance the trust of its viewers, employees, shareholders, investors and society at large, based on the highest quality services provided by its different professional web sites comprised under its own Top Level Domain.

Service levels

Protecting the brand and having exclusive control of what can be done is a top priority for the European Broadcasting Union and therefore for EUROVISION . This will help the group in controlling the brand presence online and will help the brand to protect its trademark and reputation.

It will limit security risks posed by scams based on counterfeit identities in second level domain name registrations under existing TLDs that may be registered due to their possible similarities with EUROVISION, that might be acquired and put to fraudulent use, thus tarnishing the brand’s reputation.


Certainly, the .eurovision Top Level Domain, which will be entirely integrated within the EBU’s institutional and corporate communications strategy, will strengthen the Group’s brand and enhance its recognition internationally, a fact that will naturally increase the value and empower the profile of the group.

The .eurovision TLD will also:

* Ensure security and stability for the development of content platforms that support new services and brands,
* Increase political and public support for public service media,
* Provide Members with high-quality content, thus increasing their relevance and distinctiveness,
* Drive innovation and media integration by generating ideas and setting standards,
* Strengthen public affairs, media intelligence and communications
* Enhance and expand existing news and program exchanges online
* Increase service efficiency, allowing EBU to focus on growth opportunities
* Provide a platform for streaming of major Eurovision events such as the Eurovision Song Contest or UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) championships.

b) ii. What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation?


This new namespace will not only distinguish EUROVISION’s identity, positioning the company as a pioneer within the broadcasting sector, but will help reach new potential customers while expanding the target market.

The use of the .eurovision TLD will help the brand, and the group to:

* Provide more content, making Members more relevant and distinctive
* Drive innovation and media integration
* Help Members to develop and transform
* Increase profitable services on all platforms
* Strengthen political and public support nationally and internationally
* Improve transparency


As mentioned above, the European Broadcasting Union is one of the largest associations of national broadcasters in the world. It serves 85 national media organizations in 56 countries in and around Europe and it has offices in Geneva, Beijing, Brussels, London, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, Singapore and Washington.

EUROVISION aims to be the global standard-bearer for quality of service and a true partner to its customers, tailoring services to their needs, while displaying practical and forward-thinking qualities in dealing with challenges. The .eurovision TLD will be the digital vehicle to accomplish these goals, in the best interests of our customers and in full understanding of all their business needs.


More than ever the group recognizes the awesome power of social media as a communication tool that is shaping editorial workflows. Convergence between the Internet and broadcasting is now one step closer, thanks to smart, connected, hybrid technology. Public broadcasters must innovate and keep pace with these developments without alienating their core audiences. The EBU is where Members swap experiences, exchange know-how and find inspiration. It is paramount that EBU advances and embraces new technologies, and therefore in 2011 the group has laid the foundations of the new EBU..

The Radio and Television Departments as well as the News services were consolidated into one Media Department. A project was launched to modernize and optimize the network. An overhaul of the News Exchanges technology is under way. The new sports rights strategy allows the group to give Members bespoke services. They have stepped up efforts to defend public service media and boost political and public support for our cause. Through targeted lobbying, vigorous communication and the Special Assistance Project, the EBU is earning recognition as a champion of media freedom and public service values, and as a driver of innovation in broadcasting technology.

Now, EBU is ready to go a step further by launching its own Top Level Domain, .eurovision, a powerful tool to enhance the group’s presence in the digital world, while introducing new products and services.

The .eurovision TLD will be a significant amplifier of the company’s branding and marketing endeavors by creating innovative marketing opportunities for customers, stakeholders and employees worldwide.

b) iii. What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

Compared to other already existing and open generic TLDs, the .eurovision TLD experience will greatly enhance mnemonics and security. The . eurovision TLD will simplify the way the customers find information about the company on the Internet by creating an easier and more understandable online identity and will drive customers into deeper levels of engagement with the group. This engagement will intensify:

* Affinity,
* Ease of use,
* Customer service efficiency,
* Increase of audience

The .eurovision TLD will provide virtual community services. All keywords related to the entity will be assigned to an organized and controlled framework where users will be immersed in a truly branded experience under one name, .eurovision TLD.

The .eurovision TLD will be for the exclusive use of EBU. Domain names will be exclusively allocated to EUROVISION related brands, products and services (including mobility). The European Broadcasting Union is associated with a significant range of program genres and services, which may be used as second level domain names, within a centralized approach but with differences according to type or field of service.

Some examples


The .eurovision TLD will make it easier for users to find their way to EUROVISION’s array of services and products as well as EBU’s corporate and institutional information on the Internet. The .eurovision TLD may be inserted directly into the browser in order to achieve search engine optimization and shorten URLs.

b) iv. Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

The .eurovision TLD will be for the exclusive use of the European Broadcasting Union’s services and purposes.The European Broadcasting Union does not contemplate at this stage opening the registration to any third party. Therefore, the mandatory registration agreement will refer to the following terms and conditions:

a) Eligibility: The registrant will be European Broadcasting Union or any Affiliate.

b) Name selection: .eurovision domain name registrations must be related to the European Broadcasting Union services and products.

c) Use and content: .eurovision domain names may only be used in relation to the European Broadcasting Union’s services and purposes, subject to approval by the European Broadcasting Union

Domain names used must be commensurate with the role and importance of the European Broadcasting Union services.

Considering that,

(i) The European Broadcasting Union will register and maintain all domain name registrations within the .eurovision TLD for its own exclusive use, and that

(ii) The European Broadcasting Union will not sell, distribute or transfer control or use of any registrations in the .eurovision TLD to any third party that is not an Affiliate of European Broadcasting Union and that;

(iii) Application of the Registry Operator Code of Conduct contained in Specification 9 of the Base gTLD Registry Agreement to the .eurovision TLD is not necessary to protect the public interest;

The European Broadcasting Union will request an exemption to the above mentioned Registry Operator Code of Conduct, and expects ICANN to grant such exemption, the European Broadcasting Union having provided reasonable satisfaction of the conditions therein expressed.

The European Broadcasting Union may in the future consider extending the use of domain names for its Members, customers and partners, but this is not foreseen nor allowed under the current description of registration policies.

b) v. Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures.

The European Broadcasting Union recognizes first-hand that this is a relevant issue and an evolving area of law in which there is no international standard. The protection of privacy and confidential information of registrants and users will comply with applicable law, in particular the Swiss Data Protection framework and legislation, as well as any ICANN requirements in this area.

Nevertheless, the specific model of the .eurovision TLD and the registration policies as described above limit to a great extent possible privacy concerns, since neither third parties nor individuals will be allowed to register .eurovision names.

b) vi. Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

In line with our intention to unite our activities under the EUROVISION master brand the acquisition of the .eurovision TLD will be communicated extensively to all our direct stakeholders and the European public, some 650 million consumers of media produced by our Member broadcasters. As the network grows the migration to the new ..eurovision TLD will further strength the network and increase its benefits. Our new website www.eurovision.com, set to launch summer 2012, will build an extensive network among our Members so that they can get value from the organization.

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