18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.patagoniaPatagonia, Inc.patagonia.comView

At Patagonia, we strive to build the best product, to do no unnecessary harm, and to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Our customers will benefit if we are able to use the .patagonia TLD to provide them with an authenticated and more secure experience. Internet users and the outdoor industry will benefit if we are able to use the .patagonia TLD to broaden our reach in raising environmental awareness and encouraging consumers to act on environmental issues.

Specialty, Service Levels, and Reputation

The goals of the proposed .patagonia registry are to provide the general public, the outdoor industry, and potential as well as existing consumers of our products and services with an authenticated and more secure experience, to protect our Patagonia brand, and to promote our company.

Patagonia is renowned for the impeccable quality of our products, our dedication to reducing the environmental harm that is a by-product of our business activity, and our efforts to encourage and effect solutions to the environmental crisis. Yet our activities extend beyond these core endeavors. Patagonia also produces shorts, documentaries, and other feature films, including most recently the documentary 180∞ South. Our publications arm, Patagonia Books, offers eight titles (and counting) on the outdoor life that we love. And soon, sustainably sourced snacks from Patagonia Provisions will be available for purchase on our website.

The service levels and reputation of our proposed .patagonia TLD will be commensurate with everything that our consumers have come to expect from the Patagonia brand. We anticipate that our .patagonia TLD will provide another platform through which we can further actualize our mission statement, which embodies our areas of specialty, and provide consumers a more secure and authentic environment in which to shop, learn, and participate.

Competition, Differentiation, and Innovation

We anticipate that our proposed .patagonia gTLD has the potential to add competition to the current space if consumers come to recognize and rely upon the .patagonia TLD as an indication of authenticity that a .patagonia website is associated with, created by, and controlled by us. Our proposed .patagonia gTLD will add differentiation to the current space because there is no .brand registry operated by the brand owner. We anticipate that our proposed .patagonia gTLD may add innovation to the current space through, for example, our extension of our environmental education endeavors and supply chain transparency to the broader platform provided by a new gTLD. Gathering these materials in a secure and authenticated space would allow Patagonia to consolidate and build on its educational initiatives. The new gTLD will continue to give visitors access to our growing collection of essays, information, and ideas for taking action. In time, it will also allow us to offer additional educational tools, perhaps paving the way for more interactive and innovative components, such as online courses. Another potential innovative use of our proposed .patagonia gTLD could be a social network exclusively for the use of our customers.

User Experience

Patagonia strives to provide a unique user experience that extends beyond e-commerce to engage and educate its audience. These efforts include thorough and transparent information on Patagoniaʹs supply chain; educational content focused on environmental issues; a weblog-based social forum; and access to a range of digital media offerings. Patagonia anticipates that the .patagonia gTLD will enhance user experience by locating this content in a more authentic, secure, and transparent space, one more clearly and closely identified with the Patagonia brand. Such close identification with our brand is particularly important for content that currently lives on microsites beyond patagonia.com. This includes our weblog, The Cleanest Line. It also includes promotional sites for the documentaries, shorts, and feature films that Patagonia produces, with an eye on the festival circuit and broader distribution. In this unified space, Patagonia intends to continue expanding all of these initiatives. We anticipate that our consumersʹ experience with a .patagonia gTLD will remain engaging and multifaceted, equal parts market, classroom, and community.

Intended Registration Policies

We intend to implement a .patagonia Domain Name Policy (the ʺ.patagonia Policyʺ) that governs registration and use of .patagonia domain names. We intend to update and revise the .patagonia Policy to correspond with Patagoniaʹs business interests as well as ICANN Consensus Policy and Temporary Policy developments.

There will be several steps in the .patagonia domain name registration process: Eligibility Verification, Name Requirements Check, Acceptable Use Assessment, and Registration.

Only Patagonia, Inc. may register and use a .patagonia domain name.

Checks will be performed to ensure that each applied-for domain name satisfies the .patagonia Name Requirements Check. Each .patagonia domain name must:

- not be the label ʺexampleʺ;

- be at least 3 characters and no more than 63 characters long;

- not contain a hyphen on the 3rd and 4th position (tagged domains);

- contain only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens or a combination of these;

- start and end with an alphanumeric character, not a hyphen;

- not match any character strings reserved by ICANN; and

- not match any protected country or territory name identified in the internationally recognized lists set forth in Specification 5 to the New gTLD Agreement, unless Patagonia reaches agreement regarding release of such names with the applicable government or pursuant to a proposal reviewed by the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee and approved by ICANN.

Patagonia will require that the WHOIS data for all .patagonia domain names is accurate and complete.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) may be supported at the second level.

.patagonia domain names must be used solely for purposes that are, in Patagoniaʹs sole judgment and discretion, consistent with its mission statement and core values. .patagonia domains may not be used to knowingly infringe, violate, or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Privacy and Confidential Information

Patagonia, Inc., a California benefit corporation, will operate the .patagonia registry. All data will be processed in accordance with applicable data protection requirements. We intend to comply with the Personal Data obligations set forth in Section 2.10 of the Registry Agreement.

Outreach and Communications

We anticipate deploying a range of outreach and communication strategies that are suitable for a .brand registry such as .patagonia in which the brand owner (and registry operator) is the only registrant of second-level domain names.

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