18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.styleTop Level Design, LLCgmail.comView

It is our mission at Top Level Design, LLC to implement a .style TLD, which would provide savvy Internet users with an exciting new way to identify with current trends. “Style” as a term is most generally used within the fashion industry, and we look forward to creating strong bonds there to ensure that individuals and companies tied to the fashion world are excited about and begin to utilize the potential of a .style TLD. However, the term certainly transcends its most prevalent usage, and will thus make for a fluid, interesting new TLD. “Style” can be cutting-edge or elegant; it can be historical (the Renaissance style); it could reference a distinctive way of acting or carrying oneself; it is often tied to the acts of creation and design; and it particularly denotes creating with a unique, distinctive aesthetic in mind. Thus, it should be clear that the .style TLD will have a myriad of uses, and we will be targeting an audience of creative and aesthetically minded individuals that are involved in creating, showcasing, or documenting modern and historical styles.

It seems fitting that, as ICANN opens up the top level to innovation, such a progressive and trendy market would be catered to. Those who use the .style TLD will be some of the more innovative individuals and companies using and creating content on the Internet. While we have noted the way that style can be a general term, it is certainly more specific than the exceedingly generic TLDs available today. Consequently, current TLD offerings will be bolstered by an extension that is amenable to many different uses, but clearly associated with emerging trends and good taste.

Creating a .style TLD will allow us to use ICANN’s revolutionary New gTLD Program to create a space that is in tune with other revolutionary trends. The program is creating possibility and opportunity through the commingling of Internet innovators and leaders in other industries. It is our goal to fulfill the revolutionary possibility that ICANN has welcomed through the implementation of its New gTLD Program.

It is Top Level Design, LLC’s goal to make the .style TLD a viable and profitable business. We believe this to be the most likely scenario, and the projections and financial analysis included in this application demonstrate such. We hope to grow at a rate that allows us to continually improve our registry offerings and increase benefits for both our customers and employees. However, our commitments and projections at this time are focused on conservatively estimating our revenue in order to best prepare for a TLD market with the possibility of many more TLDs.

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