18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.wikiTop Level Design, LLCgmail.comView

Top Level Design, LLCʹs goal for the .wiki gTLD is to create a designated Internet space for wikis. This TLD will clearly identify wikis from among the millions of other websites populating the Internet, and allow Internet users to easily find wikis relevant to their interests. Wiki websites are a growing phenomenon on the Internet and an innovative, easy-to-use peer-production method of creating and presenting information. They are generally open and editable and often community-driven; furthermore, individual wikis and the wiki platform are in constant flux in much the same way that the Internet as a whole is in flux. Wikis, like the broader Internet, are repositories of information that depend on each individual user to create value; they are meeting points and revolutionary ways to share ideas and knowledge; and they are both set to be expanded through the implementation of ICANN’s New gTLD Program, and a .wiki TLD specifically. We believe a .wiki TLD is an intuitive and necessary addition to the collection of new gTLDs to be added as a result of the New gTLD Program.

The .wiki TLD will be an open TLD, with wholesale pricing higher than currently available gTLDs. The TLD will be targeted at subject matter wikis. We believe that this pricing strategy will help encourage the productive development of the domain space, and encourage those individuals that wish to create malicious content, parked pages, or other irrelevant websites to use cheaper, more generic TLD offerings to host their content.

Top Level Design, LLC has a passion for wikis. Our CEO has worked extensively with the inventor of wiki technology, Ward Cunningham, and in addition to having launched quite a few wikis, is currently managing three other wiki-based ventures: AboutUs Inc., WikiIndex.com and ICANNWiki.com. The latter has established itself as a primary resource for neutral, third-party information on all aspects and members of the ICANN community. Thus, we are productive and active participants of both the ICANN and wiki communities, and it is our goal to merge the revolutionary opportunities of the New gTLD Program with the innovative knowledge-sharing possibilities of wikis.

It is Top Level Design, LLC’s goal to make the .wiki TLD a viable and profitable business. We believe this to be the most likely scenario, and the projections and financial analysis included in this application demonstrate such. We hope to grow at a rate that allows us to continually improve our registry offerings and increase benefits for both our customers and employees. However, our commitments and projections at this time are focused on conservatively estimating our revenue in order to best prepare for a TLD market with the possibility of many more TLDs.

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