18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.llcTop Level Design, LLCgmail.comView

It is our mission at Top Level Design, LLC to create a clearly designated space for Limited Liability Companies (officially abbreviated as LLC), through the implementation of a .llc TLD. A limited liability company is an official designation of a specific type of commercial enterprise used in most United States jurisdictions. This type of company is especially popular with entrepreneurs and as a result there are thousands created each year, their popularity also means that suitable domains for the companies are often unavailable and the companies are forced to add “llc” to the end of their domain (i.e., JohnDoeLLC.com). Given the ability to simplify domains through the implementation of ICANN’s innovative new gTLD program, it seems especially relevant to provide these companies a space that is entirely their own and consequently allow them to create domains that are faithful representations of their company name without any redundant presentation. As is, a .com, or .biz domain with LLC immediately prior to the TLD is unnecessarily repetitious. It is clear from the “LLC” status that this is a company involved in “commerce” or “business,” and by utilizing a .llc TLD, these types of companies can create more straightforward and more marketable domains. Thus, it is our goal to fulfill the innovative and bottom-up spirit of ICANN’s gTLD expansion program to create a space that is specifically catered to a large contingent of online business users and their interests by allowing them access to exceedingly relevant and appropriate domains.

We have utilized a tool to analyze the current number of second-level domains ending in “llc” in the Internet’s most common zone file, .com. There are 201,307 such domains. We are not citing this figure with relation to any projections we have made to registration volume but instead would like to note exactly how large this market is, and how many entities could be positively affected by the implementation of a .llc TLD.

It is Top Level Design, LLC’s goal to make the .llc TLD a viable and profitable business. We believe this to be the most likely scenario, and the projections and financial analysis included in this application demonstrate such. We hope to grow at a rate that allows us to continually improve our registry offerings and increase benefits for both our customers and employees. However, our commitments and projections at this time are focused on conservatively estimating our revenue in order to best prepare for a TLD market with the possibility of many more TLDs.

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