18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.chintaiCHINTAI Corporationurbanbrain.comView

CHINTAI Corporation (CHINTAI) is a pioneer in providing information about rental property availability and assisting customers in connecting with professional, high-quality real estate agents. CHINTAI is the industry leading authority in rental property information services and has been responding to the diverse needs of its customers with innovative services for over thirty years. In addition to real estate and rental property information, CHINTAI offers comprehensive travel information and support including travel booking, hotel reservations, and tours. CHINTAI proposes the “.chintai” top-level domain (TLD) will assist in extending and promoting its brand online as well as facilitate CHINTAI in achieving its mission of providing high quality services that bring joy and fulfillment to everyday life.

CHINTAI has enjoyed serving a broad range of customers for over three decades and has been providing products and services under the CHINTAI brand name since 1994. CHINTAI has experienced strong expansion in recent years and currently owns over 50 trademarks for the name ʺCHINTAI,ʺ or marks containing the word “CHINTAI,” in 5 countries, including 4 European community trademarks.
Since CHINTAI first published the innovative ʺMinkan Chintai Jutaku Newsʺ in 1975, the methods for distributing media publications have come a long way. The opportunity to operate and manage the “.chintai” top-level domain (TLD) is the beginning of a exciting era for CHINTAI to develop a more intuitive and organized platform to distribute its products. The “.chintai” TLD will enable CHINTAI to produce more personalized services to benefit a broader range of consumers.

The overall mission and purpose of the “.chintai” TLD can be best described by the following three elements.

 1. Inspire Innovative Solutions to Enhance User Experiences
 2. Operate a Safe, Stable, and Highly Secure TLD
 3. Secure and Promote the CHINTAI Brand

1. Inspire Innovative Solutions to Enhance User Experiences

ICANNʹs new gTLD program is a major milestone in Internet history and signifies a new way forward as users will be able to more easily and intuitively navigate the web to find what they are looking for.
CHINTAI has always been focused on developing innovative services that meet the diverse demands of its customers; running the “.chintai” top-level domain fits seamlessly into CHINTAIʹs current business principles.

The primary goal of the “.chintai” TLD will be to create an online space that will enhance the ability for customers to find the information about rental properties that fit their lifestyles. “.chintai” will be a well-organized TLD to assist consumers in locating trustworthy, up-to-date information about properties in nearly every locale. In addition, the “.chintai” TLD will be an invaluable resource to agents as well because they will be able to provide high-quality, organized and easy-to-access property information by using the most advanced and most trusted online resource available.

2. Operate a Safe, Stable, and Highly Secure TLD

In order for CHINTAI to ensure that value is passed on to the customer, the TLD must be safe, stable, and secure. CHINTAI will run the registry with the aim to ensure addresses under “.chintai” never go down as a result of registry systems. As the registry operator CHINTAI will take care to ensure that registrations do not threaten the stability of the Domain Name System (DNS). CHINTAI believes that policy development and enforcement in the namespace will play a crucial role in ensuring that the “.chintai” TLD stands for its intended purpose.

To operate a safe, stable, and highly secure TLD, CHINTAI has teamed up with Neustar Inc., (NYSE:NSR) as the provider of the backend registry solution and DNS resolution of the “.chintai” namespace. Neustar has significant experience running existing gTLDs, ccTLDs, and enterprise domain name services for several of the world’s largest and most demanding corporations. In addition CHINTAI has formed a relationship with UrbanBrain Company, a TLD management and consultancy division of Interlink Co., Ltd., to handle the day-to-day management of the namespace.
It is essential that “.chintai” be run in the most stable fashion to ensure trust among Internet users who access sites under the “.chintai” domain name.

3. Secure, Promote, and Strengthen the CHINTAI Brand

The CHINTAI brand has been built up over the last 18 years through the provision of first-rate services, reliable information, and through various media channels. In an era of an expanding Internet the “.chintai” TLD will play a pivotal role in securing and promoting the CHINTAI brand long into the future.

One of our core missions in running the “.chintai” TLD will be to gain stronger brand recognition. Millions of consumers already rely on information from CHINTAI about rental property and related services. A specific TLD will help support CHINTAI better serve the needs its customers and rental property seekers.

As described above, CHINTAI believes that operating a TLD with the highest technical standards and industry best practices will ensure that this new platform for services and communications will succeed. Intuitive navigation, and personalized services for consumer and agents will ensure that users derive numerous benefits from the “.chintai” TLD.

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