20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.PARISCity of Parisafnic.frView

The applicant is the City of Paris itself. The City of Paris is the central legitimate authority for the name of Paris. Its democratically elected local government has the duty to make key decisions regarding the use of the name of Paris in the interest of all community stakeholders.

= Relations to any community organizations: =

As the Paris area extends beyond the administrative borders of the City of Paris. The generally accepted meaning of the name comprises the entire Paris area. The Paris area and the name of Paris have a natural focus on the center of the area, the City of Paris.

The City of Paris has a special responsibility towards the entire Paris area with respect to the use of the name of Paris. For this reason, the City of Paris assumes the stewardship of the .PARIS TLD in consultation with public authorities and private sector stakeholders of the Paris area.

In doing so, the City of Paris builds upon established and proven relationships between the respective public bodies, defined by law and⁄or developed over time for the management of the vast public infrastructure jointly operated and developed by them.

= Relations to the community and its constituent parts⁄groups: =

The City of Paris and the other départements of the Greater Paris Area collaborate with a wide array of community organizations for economic development, welfare, culture, education and leisure. This includes community organizations that specialize in the development of the digital economy, e-government and information society. The City of Paris will build upon existing relationships to set up an effective and transparent governance process for the .PARIS TLD.

= Accountability mechanisms of the applicant to the community: =

The local government bodies of the City of Paris are democratically elected by their residents. The governance process for the .PARIS TLD is rooted in the public accountability mechanism of the City as defined by the Law. In addition, the .PARIS TLD will have specific policy-oversight and consultation mechanisms.

As the Mairie de Paris (City Council) itself assumes the stewardship of the .PARIS TLD, the ultimate line of accountability from the .PARIS governance body goes through the office of the elected Mayor and Deputy Mayors to the electorate. Additional lines of institutional accountability exist through the Regional Council of Île de France, itself elected by universal suffrage.

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