18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.BENTLEYBentley Motors Limiteddemys.comView

i. Resolution of Multiple Applications

As noted above only the Applicant will be (within the policies of the Registry) eligible to register at dot BENTLEY. Accordingly, there will not be multiple applications for a particular second level domain from multiple different registrants.

ii. Cost Benefits for Registrants

As the Applicant will be the only registrant and domain names will not be supplied to third parties on a cost basis, there is no necessity for advantageous pricing, introductory discounts, bulk registration discounts etc. There will thus be no domain name registration costs imposed upon consumers to access information under dot BENTLEY and thus the advent of this new brand focused TLD will be highly beneficial to Bentley’s community of interest and consumers in particular.

Similarly, given the Registry’s policies, there will be no costs to other brand owners seeking to effect blocking registrations in this TLD.

The single registrant policy will also ensure that this TLD will be good for consumers as it will minimize confusion and ergo consumer vulnerabilities. As noted under the heading “Previous challenges in the existing namespace” under question 18(b) above, the advent of a brand-exclusive top level domain in dot BENTLEY will provide absolute reassurance to consumers as to the source of trusted data about the brand. Furthermore, the Applicant’s plans to mandate a new consistency of approach in naming for its dealer network under the dot BENTLEY TLD will allow consumers to differentiate with clarity and certainty between official dealerships and unauthorized third parties.

Further and in the fullness of time, the Applicant anticipates a reduction in its current costs for the maintenance of its existing portfolio as it plans to migrate its Internet presence from the present provision to dot BENTLEY.

iii. Contractual Commitments to Registrants

As the Applicant will be the only eligible registrant and domain names will not be supplied to third parties on a cost basis, there is no requirement for contractual commitments on price escalation.

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