20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.artDadotart, Inc.deviantart.comView

By the very nature of art, there is no hierarchical system of legal bodies to officially represent the arts community, nor an alliance of groups that might claim this authority. Dadotart is owned and directed by deviantArt, an innovator in creating an Arts community online which has proven its commitment to support the Arts community online with more than 20 million members and 60 million monthly unique visitors.

Starting from the relation with this community organization, Dadotart will partner with other community organizations, both online art communities and established art associations and institutions from the “offline” art world. A key part of the community ties lies in the .ART Policy Advisory Board (PAB), which is to embody representatives of all relevant stakeholder groups in the art community.

The PAB will also build the strongest line of accountability between the Arts community and the .ART gTLD. Through their own representatives in the PAB, registrants and members of the Arts community generally will create policy, advise on pricing, name use, reserved lists and all other matters of interest to the community.

Through the .ART gTLD portal program key sites will serve to gather members and to communicate with the gTLD. The many .ART domain names and their diverse uses and users will constitute the key means for the art community to relate to Dadotart and Dadotart to them.

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