18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.artDadotart, Inc.deviantart.comView

Dadotart Inc. (“Dadotart”) is submitting this application on behalf of the Arts community, which it regards as Artists and those who have an identifiable engagement with the Arts worldwide. This naturally evolving community is the community represented by Dadotart in its application for the extension, .ART. The community is not static just as the arts themselves never stand still. Art is both a reflection of culture and an integral part of human endeavor. The .ART gTLD would advance the connection of the arts with technology, which in turn will heighten the relevancy of both.
Dadotart is a new organization formed expressly to lead the formation a specialized gTLD devoted to the Arts community. Dadotart is owned and directed by deviantArt (dA), the innovator in creating an entirely Arts-focused community online. dA was formed in 2000 and is headquartered in Los Angeles with employees located around the globe. dA is an Internet-based platform, community and network whose registered members total more than 20 million users, living in essentially every country of the world. In almost 12 years of operation the members of the dA online community have produced and uploaded -—one at a time — nearly 200 million pieces of Art representing genres spanning essentially all known forms of Artistic expression, and many that did not exist prior to the introduction of digital production and sharing. Members of deviantART span all demographic sectors and consist of both artists and those who are drawn to the arts.
dA has proven itself as a community-builder forming a new context for the arts that empowers artists and art lovers through their aggregation and integration, using the Internet at arguably its best application: drawing dispersed populations into hubs of concurrent interest. The term “deviant” in the name deviantART is intended to invoke a quotation from the brilliant 20th century musician and innovator, Frank Zappa, who said: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” dA is committed to the full breadth of expression and participation in the arts that can be supported by the Internet—the great innovation in communications. DA’s success reaching over 60 million unique visitors a month demonstrates the viability of placing the arts within this brilliant technology. The launch of Dadotart and the .ART gTLD are an integral extension of the work of dA and its mission to support the Arts community worldwide.
The .ART gTLD will serve as a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for the global Arts community which has been defined for the purposes of this application to include Artists and those who are engaged in the Arts worldwide. All domain names registered within the .ART gTLD will be required to comply with the following tree policies: (1) Registrant Eligibility (who can register within the .ART gTLD); (2) Name Selection Criteria (what domain names can be registered); and (3) Authorized Usage Policy (how the domain names can be used). This umbrella of policies will provide the arts community the confidence that the .ART gTLD can be operated on behalf of the global Arts community. The registry will incorporate both active and passive safeguards into its operation to ensure that these registrants continue to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the registration agreement.

18.1.2 Dadotart Legacy as a Trustee to the Global Art Community
Dadotart mission is first to unite, support and promote Artists and those who are engaged in the Arts worldwide. Second, its mission is to use the .ART gTLD for the co-ordination and protection of the community’s common aims and interests, communication, co-operation and establishment of core indentity on the Internet, while at the same time conserving and respecting the autonomy of individuals and organizations in the arts. One of the main objectives is to unite and support the Arts community through common identity and to encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing through communication, and by providing expertise in relevant areas. Dadotart aims to increase the visibility of those involved in the arts by establishing and enabling various Art groups, online environments and venues devoted to the Arts community.

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