20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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iv. Intended Registration Policies.

a. Eligibility

Eligibility to register domain names under the .LDS gTLD will be highly restricted. Only the Applicant and its designated representative, Church officers and employees, and organizations affiliated with the Church will have authority to register names. Restricting eligibility in this manner is justified because the mission of the proposed gTLD is to serve the Community, not to recover revenues through the sale of domains, and because permitting third-party registrants could confuse Community members about the authenticity of content on the gTLD, contrary to that mission.

The Applicant has developed a list of acceptable domains. These include geographic units of the Church such as “area,” “mission,” “temple district,” and “stake.” They also include general Church organizations such as “Sunday School” and “Relief Society,” as well as matters of general interest to the Community such as “Church music” and “General Conference.” Acceptable domain names also include affiliated organizations such as “LDS Humanitarian Services.”

A list of Reserved Names has also been developed, composed of domain names that the Applicant will not resolve under the .LDS gTLD. This list includes inappropriate terms such as “money” and “politics.” Individual Church members will not be granted domain names, in order to preserve the use of the .LDS gTLD for the general needs of the Community.

New domain names will be added through an internal process that has been established. Domain names may be proposed by any party eligible to register names. The proposed name will be forwarded to the Applicant’s manager and its outside counsel, Kirton McConkie. Registration requests will be decided by the manager in consultation with outside counsel. Disputes concerning eligibility will also be decided by the manager in consultation with outside counsel.

b. Name Selection

• Domain names under the .LDS TLD will be at least 3 characters and no more than 63 characters long.
• Domain names will consist only of letters, numbers, and hyphens and will start and end with an alphanumeric character but not a hyphen.

Applicant will reserve from registration all names contained in Specification 5 of the New gTLD Agreement, “Schedule of Reserved Names at the Second Level in gTLD Registries.” This includes reservation of:

• The label “EXAMPLE”;
• Two-character labels, unless released pursuant to an agreement with the relevant government and country-code manager;
• Tagged domain names, defined as domain names with hyphens in the third and fourth position;
• Names for registry operations, including NIC, WWW, IRIS, and WHOIS;
• Country names and territory names, except pursuant to an agreement with the relevant government or subject to the review by ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee and approval by the ICANN Board of Directors.

Any party eligible to register domains under the .LDS gTLD will be allowed to register any second-level domain in the format of “anyname.lds,” subject to the restrictions described above and the legal rights protections required by Specification 7 of the New gTLD Agreement.

c. Content⁄use

Domains registered under the .LDS gTLD Registered domain names will be used in conformity with the stated mission of the proposed gTLD. This means that domain names will be used to serve the needs of Community members, as determined by the Applicant’s manager in consultation with outside counsel.

d. Enforcement

Internal policies and procedures prevent any domain name from being added to the .LDS registry without the approval of the Applicant’s manager. Every request for a domain name will be decided by the manager, in consultation with the Applicant’s outside counsel, Kirton McConkie. Their review will be intended to maintain compliance with Registration Policies and to retain a close nexus between the actual operations of the registry and its community-oriented mission. Outside counsel will maintain the list of Reserved Names. Any internal challenges to a proposed domain name registration will be decided by the Applicant’s manager following a recommendation by outside counsel.

Because the .LDS TLD is restricted to the Applicant and related entities, no enforcement issues with respect to third parties will arise and appeal mechanisms applicable to such issues are unnecessary.

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