18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.MORMONIRI Domain Management, LLC (ʺApplicantʺ)kmclaw.comView

The .MORMON gTLD will be established to serve the needs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Church”), its 14.1 million members, and Internet users interested in learning more about the Church, its beliefs, and its activities. This mission tightly connects the applied-for gTLD with the institution and people to be served, policies governing registration eligibility and content⁄use restrictions applicable to the proposed gTLD, and their enforcement.

The applied-for gTLD “Mormon” is a familiar moniker describing the Church and its members. Almost since its incorporation in 1830, the Church and its members have been known by the nickname “Mormon” because of the Church’s use of the Book of Mormon. Church members are commonly referred to as “Mormons,” and the Church is commonly referred to as “the Mormon Church.” Although Church leaders have instructed members and asked media outlets to use the full name of the Church or “the LDS Church”, the word “Mormon” remains a nickname closely associated with the Church and its members. The Church is truly global—it consists of approximately 14.1 million members living in nearly 170 countries and on every continent—and it has unique needs that the applied-for gTLD will serve.

Eligibility to register domain names under the .MORMON gTLD will be highly restricted. Only the Applicant and its designated representative, Church officers and employees, and organizations affiliated with the Church will have authority to register names. Restricting eligibility in this manner is intended to advance the mission of the gTLD as a means of serving the Church and its members.

The Church has distinct needs to deliver accurate information about the Church, its beliefs, and its activities. To meet those needs, the proposed gTLD will provide authentic and authoritative content from the Church and its leaders. Delivering that information from a trusted online source is indispensable to the efforts by the Church and its members to reach out to others who are interested in learning more about the Church, its beliefs, and its activities.

Content and use rules are intended to preserve the mission of the .MORMON gTLD. Acceptable domain names will direct Internet users to learn more about Church members; the Church’s values such as service to others, lifelong learning, and good citizenship; and the Church’s beliefs such as its faith in Jesus Christ, God’s plan of happiness, and the Book of Mormon. They will also invite Internet users to contact Church members or missionaries for additional information.

Policies governing registration eligibility and content and use will be enforced by requiring review of any proposed domain name by the Applicant’s manager and by outside counsel. Enforcement policies will be intended to ensure that the online content provided under the .MORMON gTLD will be delivered with the authenticity that the Church needs.

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