18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.ableAble Inc.urbanbrain.comView

“.able” is a proposed top-level domain (TLD) for ABLE Inc. (ABLE), its subsidiaries, group companies, and strong network of service offices.
ABLE has been in the real estate rental agency business for over 20 years and provides comprehensive management and rental related services for condominiums, apartments, and other properties. ABLE is the No. 1 rental agency business in Japan, and is comprised of the largest nationwide sales force. ABLE handles over 177,000 rental agreements annually through over 450 directly owned and operated offices, and 345 franchise offices nationwide.

ABLE’s mission and purpose of the “.able” TLD encompasses the following key points:

 1. Provide an Innovative Platform to Support its Business, Partners, and Customers
 2. Operate a Safe, Stable, and Highly Secure TLD for ABLE
 3. Secure, Promote, and Strengthen the ABLE Brand

1. Provide an Innovative Platform to Support its Business, Partners, and Customers

ICANNʹs new gTLD program is a major milestone in the enhancement of online communications, information sharing, and information gathering. ABLE believes the expansion of the domain space will prove to be a useful tool in building an innovative platform to support its extensive network of partners and customers.

ABLE is continuously engaged in providing innovative solutions that meet the demands of its network of partners; operating the “.able” TLD will allow for a closer relationship with its partners and believes the TLD will serve an important role to further grow and expand its network.

ABLE can instill a stronger level of trust with its customer base by allocating domain names for each of its representative offices and allowing contracted agents to use domain names under the “.able” brand. The implementation of the “.able” TLD will ensure that customers and potential customers will easily be able to navigate listings to find their ideal property as well as a trusted agent to help them through the rental process.

One of the key goals of the “.ableʺ TLD is to allow its network of partners make use of a dedicated online space to enhance their businesses. ABLE is confident that the “.able” TLD will become an invaluable resource to its partners as they endeavor to build trustful and lasting relationships with customers by providing high-quality services that ABLEʹs customers expect.

2. Operate a Safe, Stable, and Highly Secure TLD for ABLE

In order for ABLE to ensure that value is passed on to the customer, the TLD must be safe, stable, and secure. ABLE will run the registry with the aim to ensure addresses under “.able” never go down as a result of registry systems. As the registry operator ABLE will take care to ensure that registrations do not threaten the stability of the Domain Name System (DNS). ABLE believes that policy development and enforcement in the namespace will play a crucial role in ensuring that the “.able” TLD stands for its intended purpose.

ABLE has teamed up with Neustar Inc., (NYSE:NSR) as the provider of the backend registry solution and DNS resolution of the “.able” namespace to operate a safe, stable, and highly secure TLD. Neustar has significant experience running existing gTLDs, ccTLDs, and robust enterprise domain name services for several of the world’s largest and most demanding corporations. In addition, ABLE has formed a relationship with UrbanBrain Company, a TLD management and consultancy division of Interlink Co., Ltd., to handle the day-to-day management of the namespace.

It is essential that “.able” be run in the most stable fashion to ensure trust among Internet users who access sites under the “.able” domain name.

3. Secure, Promote, and Strengthen the ABLE Brand.

ABLE originally started operations in the late 1960ʹs as ʺOsaka Constructionʺ and later began doing business as ABLE in the early 90’s, and has since built a strong brand under the ABLE name. Today, ABLE has the largest partner network and sales force in Japan, and has a significant share of the Japanese real estate market, managing nearly two-hundred- thousand apartments and houses.

The Internet has played a major role in re-shaping the way consumers seek rental property and ABLE has always been at the forefront in terms of embracing technology to improve customer satisfaction. The new gTLD program is an exciting phase in the expansion of the Internet, and ABLE plans to be an active participant in embracing the changes with the creation of the “.able” TLD. A TLD owned and operated by ABLE will play a crucial role in securing and promoting the “.able” brand name well into the future.

Until recently, companies, especially Japanese companies have been able to secure their online presence with just a handful of domain extensions. Now a brand must own a domain name for every service and product it provides in order to obtain maximum exposure to potential customers. This is problematic because third parties could potentially cause harm to the brand by registering and using a corresponding domain name in bad faith. With the ability to completely control domain allocations under its own TLD, ABLE, will be able to ensure that only legitimate names are registered and used in the TLD. The TLD will add an extra layer of trust between ABLE, its partners and Internet users. Through a well implemented communications strategy, ABLE can inform consumers that websites resolving with a ʺ.ableʺ extension are official, trusted websites belonging to the ABLE brand.

ABLE is dedicated to operating the TLD with the highest technical standards and industry best practices will ensure that this new platform for services and communications will succeed as a new mode to improve and extend the ABLE brand.

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